Here's How Catriona Gray Stays Consistently Ahead

The beauty queen and face of Belo’s Thermage FLX is all about making choices that will serve her well in the future

There’s a charming story behind Catriona Gray’s choice of color for her winning gown in 2018. Between the deep red tulle and sparkling Swarovski crystals, a special sentiment had been sewn. By way of an Instagram post on her personal account, the Philippines’ fourth Miss Universe crown recounted, “When I was 13, my mother told me, ‘I dreamt of you winning Miss Universe in a red dress.’”

The only thing fortune favors more than the bold is the intentional. Catriona took her first shot on the stage of Miss World 2016, securing the position of third runner-up. Although the title was narrowly out of her reach, this setback ignited a spark within her, propelling her to set her sights on the most coveted crown in the beauty pageant arena. Following a dedicated 10-month preparation, she achieved her goal and rightfully claimed the Miss Universe 2018 crown.

Catriona’s strategic approach is evident by now. With a focus on the bigger picture, it’s no surprise she’s consistently ahead. If you’re ready to put your best face forward, look to the beauty queen and face of Belo’s Thermage FLX. This innovative procedure shapes the face, producing immediate results that progressively refine and last for an impressive 18 months. A departure from the fleeting nature of treatments, Thermage FLX allows you to build a foundation that will serve you well in the future.

What is Thermage FLX

Catriona Gray is the face of Belo’s Thermage FLX

With each passing year, we experience a one percent decline in collagen levels, according to Dr.Vicki Belo. “We usually start doing Thermage [FLX treatments] at 30, because by then you’ve already lost 30 percent of your collagen, and that’s already noticeable.”  

Non-invasive and swift, clocking in at around an hour, Belo’s Thermage FLX has garnered a devoted following among celebrities. Employing radiofrequency (RF) technology, this treatment enhances skin through the stimulation of collagen production and the tightening of loose or sagging skin. It’s an advanced version of the original Thermage technology, designed to provide more precise and efficient results.

What to expect in a session

Non-invasive and swift, clocking in at around an hour, the procedure lifts and contours the skin

During a session, a handheld device is used to deliver controlled RF energy deep into the skin’s layers. As energy heats the collagen-rich layers, existing collagen contracts and the production of new collagen is stimulated. This process leads to skin tightening, improved texture, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on your goals, various areas like the face, neck, eyelids, abdomen, or arms can be treated.

After a Thermage FLX session, there’s minimal to no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately. While some immediate tightening effects might be noticed, the full results unfold gradually over the following weeks and months as the newly generated collagen enhances skin texture and tightness.

Although Thermage FLX might be available elsewhere, this process of lifting and contouring is best left in the hands of experts who deliver quality treatment. Additionally, the chance to enhance your treatment by incorporating the exclusive Belo Exosomes provides an extra layer of assurance for achieving the utmost results.

To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here.

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