Belo Medical Introduces the Latest on Non-Invasive Face Lift Tech

With a hectic day-to-day schedule, many find it difficult to set an appointment for treatments to maintain healthy skin and achieve a youthful glow. Most commonly, treatments require surgery or downtime and not everyone is willing to spend hours on recovery. To better serve clients, Belo Medical Group developed the clinic’s newest version of the Thermage treatment, Thermage FLX. It is a powerful and effective machine used to reduce the signs of aging through tightening of the skin and production of collagen.

World-renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather is the first to try the Thermage FLX treatment. In a press conference, Dr. Vicki Belo tells how happy she is to see immediate results on Mayweather especially that his skin is “healthy to begin with.”

face lift
Dr. Vicki Belo treated Floyd Mayweather with the latest Thermage FLX treatment. (Photograph from @dochayden)

For the longest time, Belo Medical has been doing Thermage treatments but they upgraded it for both new and loyal clients. Patients can do a mini face lift within half an hour now that the celebrity-favorite machine works 25% faster than before. For Mayweather, his session only lasted for 20 minutes. “His skin is really good, really tight,” Dr. Belo says. “Right away when I [used] the machine, he responded [to the treatment] very quickly.”

The treatment uses patented radiofrequency technology to contour the face, smoothen wrinkles, and tighten the skin. Other body parts such as arms and butt can also be toned in a single session.

Belo is the first and only clinic that has the said popular machine. Clients can see immediate results even after 3-6 months. To prolong this, clients can do another treatment along with proper skin regimen and avoiding overexposure from the sun. Dr. Vicki Belo claims that with more tests, Thermage FLX will be available for the public to experience.

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