The Top Treatments Exclusive To Belo Medical and The Aivee Clinic

The Aivee Clinic and Belo Medical Group remain at the top of the dermatology and aesthetics industry. We oftentimes go to these clinics to restore the natural health of our skin. Other times, with hectic schedules and lack of time for workouts, we simply undergo body-slimming treatments. With the numerous procedures that both clinics offer, choosing the right one for you can get confusing. Whether it is tightening your skin, reducing wrinkles, or toning your body, here are the top treatments exclusive from each clinic.

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Acne Treatments and Peeling

The Aivee Clinic: Alma-Q Crystal Black is suitable for all skin types in treating acne and rejuvenating your skin. The two stages of the procedure involve heating the applied activated carbon to collect all impurities from the face. The laser then breaks down the carbon to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. The treatment deeply exfoliates, tightens pores, and smoothens skin texture. The session lasts for 20 minutes and promises immediate results, perfect for those looking for a quick solution to facial imperfections.

Belo Medical: With a multi-modal approach, Time Capsule treatment enhances collagen production. The four modalities (Air Dissector, Fractional Co2, Growth Factor Serum, and Inara Light Therapy) also increase the production of elastin to renew the skin. The procedure targets reducing acne scars, atrophic scars, fine lines, and stretch marks. Expect for your skin to experience warmth, redness, and flaking after treatment. But a cold compress and post-laser cream will soothe the area and hasten the healing.

Skin Rejuvenation and Lightening

Belo Medical: Belo 4D Smooth Lift targets a 4D facelift using two laser wavelengths and the power of four unique lasers. Smooth restores volumes in sagging parts, SupErficial minimizes fine lines and pores, PIANO reduces wrinkles and scarring, and FRAC3 tightens facial tissues through collagen production. The entire treatment lasts for 45 minutes. Mild peeling and a slight pinching sensation may be felt but only because of how your skin gradually tightens.

The Aivee Clinic: Aivee Gold Laser uses a 577nm wavelength to treat acne, redness, melasma, and reduce visible facial veins, blood vessels, and vascular lesions. The laser is effective for all skin types. But to brighten your skin and lighten sun spots without any downtime, you may also opt for Porcelain TX. The facial and laser treatment lasts for an hour and has to be done every two weeks. Redness may occur after a few hours but on the next day, you would see fresh and bright skin.

LEFT: Cat Arambulo-Antonio during her Aivee Diet program. RIGHT: Bianca Valerio after the Belo 360 liposuction. (Photos from Cat’s blog and Bianca’s Instagram)

Weight Loss

The Aivee Clinic: H2 Injections are typically for women who gained weight after childbirth. The original HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) procedure drains abnormal fat from the body. Currently, the modified version consists of 20-40 daily H2 injections. The program should be accompanied by the Aivee Diet or Dr. Food. You must consume The Aivee Clinic nutritionist-approved calorie portioned meals or no more than 500 calories a day. You need this diet to have consistent weight loss and H2 injections to minimize hunger pangs throughout the program. Repeat it after six weeks for additional weight loss.

Belo Medical: 360 Liposuction is one of the top Belo treatments of removing excess fat from the upper arms, thighs, belly, and buttocks. Apart from the problem parts, the procedure targets the surrounding areas for a streamlined look. Smartlipo machine uses radiofrequency energy to liquefy the fats before a small cannula draws them out. The entire procedure lasts for two to four hours. After three months, you can see the overall result of having toned arms, firmer buttocks, and flatter abdomen.

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Marga Tupaz, Bianca Salonga, Cat Arambulo, Chinky Apostol, Kim Palanca, and Grace Baja at The Aivee Clinic launch of Onda Coolwaves. (Photo by Magic Liwanag)

Other treatments

While Belo Medical and The Aivee Clinic have procedures exclusive to each, they also provide similar treatments to target problem areas. Among the top services celebrities and influential people avail is body contouring. Both Belo and Aivee have Emsculpt treatment. The machine uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to create muscle contractions. The 30-minute session triggers 20,000 supramaximal contractions equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups. It targets the tightening of arms, abdomen, and buttocks. You can witness results after two to four weeks. Likewise, Onda Coolwaves targets the reduction of cellulite and loose skin. The system penetrates deep into the body to destroy fat. Unlike other body-slimming technology, Onda Coolwaves gives off a cool sensation on the skin.

With these innovative procedures, you can achieve the skin texture and body you want. You do not have to sacrifice urgent work hours or relaxation time to get your much-needed facial and body treatments. These are changing the fields of dermatology and aesthetics, making The Aivee Clinic and Belo Medical ahead of its game in the industry.

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