Beyond Brittany: 33 ‘Unexpected’ Works of Juvenal Sanso Will Be Presented Ahead of his 92nd Birthday - Arts & Culture

The collection is backed by research supported and authenticated by Fundacion Sanso. 

In celebration of Juvenal Sanso’s 92nd birthday, Galerie Francesca presents a rare collection of 33 works by the master artist.


Sanso, a Presidential Medal of Merit awardee, is known mostly for his floral works and his Brittany series. But in his craft, which spans seven decades, the artist has explored not only a variety of themes, but a variety of art forms as well. He not only painted but also excelled in printmaking, opera set and costume design, textile design, cliché verre, and even acted in several plays.

“Dear Drelling Place,” 20 x 28 inches, Acrylic on Paper, 1990s
“Fractals of Good Fortune,” 23.5 x 32 inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2000s

In the collection, called Sanso Unexpected, Galerie Francesca aims to educate. This is backed by research supported and authenticated by Fundacion Sanso. 

These works are from the artist’s personal collection, which he only entrusted to museums and to collectors who understood and appreciated his artistry deeply.  As such, they are a revelation to many who have grown familiar only to his floral and Brittany series. 

“She Walls in Beauty,” 20 x 28 inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2000s

Highlights of this exhibition include dated works from 1963; a textile design from the 1960s; a singular and rare cityscape; dated works from the 1970;, a waterfall painting and a large and important reverse series; two works on paper from the 1980s; and three canvas paintings from his Moderno and Abstract series done in the 2000s.

The importance of this exhibition cannot be understated as these subjects enrich and deepen the public’s understanding of the breadth of Juvenal Sanso’s body of work. 

“Sweet Scents of Spring,” 20 x 25.5 inches, Acrylic on paper, 1990s
“With Nameless Grace,” 20 x 35 inches, Acrylic on paper, 1990s

Sanso: Unexpected runs from November to December 19, 2021.For more information, call 0905-528-5652 or 0917-846-1455, or email us at [email protected].

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