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Auction house Christie’s recently wrapped their Magnificent Jewels sale in New York, and colored gems (a purple-pink diamond ring sold for $6.7 million) did particularly well. While colorless diamonds are always valuable, there’s something to be said for vibrant jewelry that’s a statement in itself. 

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These Filipino fine jewelry designers have trained for years to perfect their craft and offer bespoke services to help design your dream piece. Whether you lean toward dainty and straightforward jewelry or eclectic and head-turning, here are six designers worth knowing about.

Nicole Whisenhunt

Nicole Whisenhunt studied fine jewelry at Paris L’Ecole Van Cleef and Arpels in 2011. She opened her first boutique in Makati’s Power Plant Mall seven years later. Since her brand’s conception, Whisenhunt annually releases three main collections titled Contemporary, Wedding Annex, and Heirloom. 

For her 24 designs, Whisenhunt takes inspiration from Old Hollywood glamor and European Royalty. At the same time, she merges modernity by taking notes from what A-list celebrities wear on the red carpet.  

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Paul Syjuco

Although Paul Syjuco is from the family that founded Aum Jewels, he initially resisted creative endeavors by working in finance. The designer eventually gave in and flew to the US to learn about gemmology and design—but admits that working with family isn’t always easy.

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“It took me a while to adjust to the manner of working, where you talk about business 24/7 because it’s all tied in with the family. The first few years were about adjustment—there was always conflict, Syjuco told Inquirer

By 2007, he founded a namesake brand that makes precise but straightforward pieces. While Syjuco says his work reflects the “timelessness” of fine jewelry, he gains inspiration from music, architecture, and various art forms to stay contemporary.

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Candy Dizon 

Candy Dizon is one of the designers at her late mother’s eponymous brand Jul B. Dizon Jewellery. With her siblings, Cedric, Ginny, Janina, Christoffer, and Lucille, Dizon now also owns and serves as a marketing manager while abiding by her mother’s advice. 

“Integrity is what’s most important,” Jul would often remind her six children, “Our clients trust us with diamonds worth millions of pesos. Never take advantage of that trust. Earn it and value it with all your heart.”

Now in Jul B. Dizon Jewellery’s 44th year in the industry, their pieces are characterized by vibrant colored precious stones and thematic designs. 

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Kristine Dee

As a bespoke jewelry designer, Kristine Dee is influenced by her client’s personalities and sense of style. Having made everything from dainty necklaces to large statement bangles, Dee wants to depict stories of beauty and elegance. 

Dee began her journey at New York’s Pratt Institute; at the time, however, she focused on making furniture in an industrial design course. 

Dee found her passion by combining industrial design training and jewelry metalsmithing by taking jewelry design and metalsmithing on the same campus. 

Now, it’s been 18 years since Dee launched her first jewelry exhibit—and it’s a yearly occurrence since. 

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Erica Concepcion Reyes

The designer behind Riqueza Jewellery specializes in vintage and estate pieces. Her great grandmother, entrepreneur and philanthropist Victoria Lopez de Araneta would pass down jewelry to Reyes, and it serves as inspiration for her designs.

Reyes finds the beauty in old items by reworking old settings and refreshing them with new colored gemstones, Philippine antique coins, and pre-banned ivory.

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