Lasting Image: A Breakdown Of Queen Elizabeth's Look In Her Final Portrait Released Before Funeral - LA Lives

This “portrait of a queen” shows Her Majesty in the prime of life.

Buckingham Palace has released a never-before-seen photograph of Queen Elizabeth II ahead of her funeral.

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The photo was taken to mark the queen’s Platinum Jubilee as she became the first British Monarch to reach the milestone.

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“As we all prepare to say our last farewell, I wanted simply to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those countless people who have been such a support and comfort to my Family and myself in this time of grief,” King Charles III said.

Here is a breakdown of every element of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s final portrait.


The queen wore a light shade of blue—known to be her favorite color.

“Blue is a color deeply rooted in royal history and has long been associated with the monarchy, art, military, and business, which may inform the queen’s decision to wear it so often,” wrote. It even cited a 2012 Vogue study, which found that the queen wore blue to 29 percent of state occasions she attended that year.


The queen rarely goes out without her favorite three-strand pearl necklace. This was a gift from her father, King George VI. Additionally, she owns several nearly identical pearl necklaces that she rotates freely.

Her former assistant private secretary told People, “She wore the same pearl necklace every day.”


Lastly, the queen wore matching aquamarine and diamond clip brooches. These were also a gift from her father and mother, Queen Elizabeth, for her 18th birthday.

Photo by The Royal Family via Twitter

Banner Photo by The Royal Family via Twitter.

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