Regency Bias: 'Bridgerton' Costume Designer Collaborates With Monica Rich Kosann For Fine Jewelry Collection - The Scene

The collection’s jewelry designs draw from the show’s signature themes.

Monica Rich Kosann and costume designer Ellen Mirojnick have created their first Bridgerton-inspired collection.

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This includes the Crown Poesy Ring inscribed with “Queen” to be styled as a necklace or worn as a stackable ring.

Additionally, the Bee necklace or charm and the Wisteria locket round out the collection. These come as charms with “Design Your Own” chains to create a custom necklace.

“Monica immediately understood our world, thus making our collaboration an exciting adventure. The synthesis of our aesthetics came together with such ease, it felt as if we’d been working together for years. With Monica’s brilliance, creating the first Bridgerton fine jewelry collection that captures our world was an absolute sublime and heavenly gift,” Mirojnick said.

In fact, the pieces serve as a direct nod to Bridgerton’s characters and vibe.

“Not only was it exciting to work on the collaboration for a groundbreaking show like Bridgerton. But to be able to work with Ellen Mirojnick, one of the most iconic costume designers in the industry, was an honor. She and I immediately bonded over our passion for vintage jewelry and brought that sensibility to life in the collection,” Kosann said.

Banner Photo by Monica Rich Kosann via website.

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