Bryanboy on Becoming a Global Storyteller: 'Always be the best version of yourself and that is something you can show to the world' - LA Lives

New Lounge recently sat down for a chat with the social media star.

From Fendi campaigns copying his signature pose and Marc Jacobs naming a bag after him to becoming one of the most followed stars on Tiktok, Bryanboy is a shining example of a fabulous evolution.

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His tounge-in-cheek storytelling matched with his unique style landed him on the radar of fashion’s ever-scrutinizing eye. More recently, he has found renewed vigor on Tiktok, giving everyone that “fabulous tell-it-like-it-is Ninang” vibe that we all need.

Le Superstar Fabuleux was also recently launched as the newest LashDoll of New Lounge in an event attended by fashion, beauty, and digital A-listers.

Everyone was dressed to impress especially our star of the night, Bryanboy wearing a shimmering top by Tom Ford. After a quick and easy program that introduces the evolution of both New Lounge and Bryanboy, the party soon started and lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

But the conversation with Bryanboy didn’t stop there as the big campaign shoot also happened the morning after. After the shoot, New Lounge had a lengthy conversation with the influencer. Here are some snippets:

Bryanboy with fellow New Lounge ambassador Heart Evangelista

New Lounge: How does it feel going back home to the Philippines?

Bryanboy: It feels great to be back home. Living in Europe I always look forward to going back to the Philippines. The Philippines holds a special place in my heart. Home is home. It just feels magical to be here.

What it is that you look forward to the most now that you’re home?

I look forward to getting myself together. When I’m in Europe, I barely take care of myself. So whenever I’m back in the Philippines that’s when I catch up with all of my treatments and, of course, my lashes!

Can you share your first experience with New Lounge?

Oh my gosh! My first experience with New Lounge is very memorable. I came home last Nov 2020 and I was looking for a place to do my manicure. And of course I asked people on Instagram, “Where is a really nice place to get my nails done?!”. My friends replied, ‘You must go to New Lounge!’.”

I went there and had my manicure and pedicure, you know, to match my bag! There I met the lovely Rachelle (Bravo) and suggested that I try the lashes as this is what New Lounge is known for. So I did! Since then, I never looked back. New Lounge lashes are life changing. It really opens up your eyes and adds another dimension to your face!

As a globetrotter, you’ve seen and experienced services all over the world. What does it take, to be a sought after luxury beauty service brand in the global scene?

To be a sought after beauty provider in the global scene, it all boils down to great service and great results for the clients I mean of course here in the Philippines we’re known for tender, love, and care in everything that we do whether its makeup, my hair or my nails.

Beauty service providers like New Lounge really focuses on you as a client and building a lasting relationship with them. Like New Lounge always remembers the kind of lashes that I like and are very meticulous in taking care of me and that’s what you need (as a client). Basically, It’s all about people and Filipinos are really known for that.

Bryanboy with New Lounge owner and CEO Rachelle Bravo

We are in awe of your achievements here and in the global scene. Do you have any advice on people who want to take the same path and achieve the same greatness in the international scene?

The most important thing for Filipinos is to really have a unique point of view that is special in the international space. When I started my presence in the internet, I really position myself as me. It’s one thing to look up to other people and it’s another to become their shadow. Always be the best version of yourself and that is something you can show to the world.

You shared in an interview with Teen Vogue before that it is important to tell stories as a person in social media. So in this chapter in your life and career, what story are you trying to share with your followers?

I think for me it’s all about entertaining my audience. I like to provide value via entertainment and educational values. It’s all about giving them information and opening their eyes. Having an entertainment mindset in what I do and making people laugh is what I love doing! I love creative fictional story telling. I just like to have fun and seeing the reaction of my audiences gives me joy and that’s what I am all about!

Rachelle Bravo is a known visionary and so are you, how important vision in achieving your dreams and unlocking the next big thing in your life?

Vision is special. Vision provides someone a direction to set your goals and turning them into reality. When I first met Rachelle, she already had a clear vision on what she wants to do and where she wants to go and I admire that about her. It is very important to always have vision in whatever you’re doing because that will dictate where your future will be.

Do you have a message you want to share with your followers as the newest #LashDoll of New Lounge?

To all my #LashDolls, I am so grateful and so happy to be a member of the New Lounge family! I am incredibly honored. I love my lashes!

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