Business Plan: How Can Hotels Thrive In A Pandemic? This Hospitality Group’s Pivot Gives Us An Idea - Travel

Discovery Hospitality Corporation just released a revamped slate of services, which includes outsourcing their expertise to other businesses and properties.

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With constantly changing restrictions, the hospitality sector remains one of the hardest hit within an economy challenged by the global health crisis. In what way can the industry evolve to be flexible enough to work with these limitations? According to Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC), it’s about looking at their properties and expertise differently.  

Founded in 2000, DHC manages a suite of properties, including Discovery Primea, Discovery Suites, Discovery Shores Boracay, and Club Paradise Palawan. “The ones who will be first to adapt and learn to live effectively in the new normal will be the winners in this new world,” says DHC COO Jun Parreno. “We are grateful for the experiences that helped us grow as a company and as individuals.”

One of their ways to adapt, it seems, has to do with knowledge and resource sharing. Parreno says that it’s time for them to impart their expertise to other businesses. “We are all striving to thrive in this new normal and allow us to help you,” he says.  

Safe spaces

The first prong to DHC’s pivot is its allied business. Under this are programs that highlight safety and well-being, which are key words for any industry during and after the pandemic.   

Home Safe is one of these programs. Developed by DHC, implemented throughout its properties, and done in partnership with Lysol, this program focuses on having a clean and sanitized spaces. As a service, these health and safety practices can be shared with businesses to be implemented at their own offices or households. This includes on-site assessments, online training sessions, educational materials, and product kits geared to making frequently-visited areas more secure.

Discovery Shores Boracay

The Safe Space initiative, on the other hand, re-imagine meetings, events, and celebrations through the rental spaces at DHC’s city hotels. Meanwhile, Safe Care is a program pioneered by the group that connects guests with Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s experts. Instead of going to a crowded hospital for a check-up, guests can be looked at by medical professionals at Discovery Suites Ortigas.

In partnership with GPA Brazil, DHC’s Laboral program is designed to help employees maintain better health and achieve a more comprehensive wellness level. The exercise sequences are designed to target different high-tension areas of the body that take on the strain of desk work, especially the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Each session is held once a week for 30 minutes. This is conducted through sessions via video-conferencing tools.

Outsourcing expertise

The hospitality group is also offering its team’s expertise in property management and shared services. This comes in tandem with its announcement of the transition in management for Chema’s By The Sea to DHC.

It’s a strategy that makes sense in a pandemic, where many functions aren’t so much in-house but outsourced. Businesses and property owners looking for some guidance can be assisted by DHC’s full-suite services.  

This includes everything from digital marketing, operations management, and human resources to strategy, sales and revenue, and information technology. Of course, guidance for the all-important food and beverage is also in the mix.  

“Whether it’s because of the current times or the natural changes, businesses and consumers innovate,” says Parreno. “Ultimately, it is our business to care. We are here to support you, in the best way we can.”

Interested organizations may contact DHC’s Sr. vice president and head of Sales & Operations Cathy Nepomuceno at [email protected]. For more information, visit

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