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As leaders in the spheres of international hospitality, the Shangri-La Group strengthens its health and safety measures for both guests and employees.

With thousands of jet setters holding plans until further notice, the hotel industry took a tremendous hit⁠—among many predicaments: room nights unused and unseated dinner tables. Several hospitality chains temporarily closed doors to avoid further losses. Others took charge of the situation, investing in business continuity solutions and addressing the needs of both its employees and guests.  

The Shangri-La Group adapts to the new normal, implementing essential guidelines in their properties across the globe.

The Shangri-La Group opted for the latter. And with the decision, a newfound commitment that continues its people-centric culture while adapting to each of their locations’ current state of affairs. The warm gesture is a reflection of the company’s core values. And an impressive display of industry leadership and solidarity with their locales as the hotel group gradually opens its doors for the public.

 “The health and safety of our colleagues and guests is of utmost priority. At Shangri-La, it is in our nature to look after people, to anticipate their needs and go above and beyond to ensure they have a memorable experience. We remain humble and true to our founding ethos with this commitment that will ensure we do our best to take care of people,” confirms Lim Beng Chee, Chief Executive Officer of Shangri-La Group. “To meet new challenges and evolving customer expectations, we are focusing on enhanced hygiene protocols, elevating our standards and safeguarding our guests and colleagues’ well-being. We would like to convey our heartfelt care by creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and trusts in our ability to ensure their safety and health—so that they can focus on moments that truly matter.” 

The Shangri-La Cares program is a commitment to serve and benefit both internal and external communities.

Putting Conscientious Efforts in Place

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, the Shangri-La Group rolled out localized protocols in all its properties to combat the risk of COVID-19. Guests are therefore assure of the genuine intention and proactive implementation of the stringent measures for their safety. All high-touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, imposing high frequency and full attention to deep cleaning. Medical-grade sanitizers and disinfectants are also employed—all approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Air filters and air-conditioning systems are also cleaned much frequently than usual to ensure that guests and employees breathe clean air wherever they are in the property. Enhanced food safety guidelines and social distancing measures are also put in place in their luxurious in-house dining locations.

Each in-house dining location is trained to serve via zero-contact protocols that ensure the safety of Shangri-La’s guests and employees.

A Conscious Approach to Adapting to Customer Needs

Without the collaborative efforts of the entire team, the implementation of such procedures would not be possible. Shangri-La boosted the health and safety training programs of their people to improve on the customers’ needs throughout the pandemic. Long-term partner and global hygiene solutions provider, Diversey, assisted the hotel chain in educating the team in these new processes. To protect both colleagues and hotel visitors, the provision of personal protective equipment for members of the organization when necessary is imposed. With the required training, the right equipment, and the introduction of cleanliness practices, employees are prioritized as much as their guests. Shangri-La’s commitment to care for its people extends its reach across all vital touch points of the business. From their loyal patrons to the occasional visitor to its exemplary team, Shangri-La’s core values shines through. Authentic in action and passionate in purpose.

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Shangri-La’s initiatives are appreciated gestures that further solidify its relationship with each of its locations.

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