Passion for the Silver Screen Inspires These Timeless Jewelry Pieces

A casual brunch, a romantic date, or a luxurious banquet. A woman’s style ensemble on an affair is never complete without a jewelry piece to adorn her. Though numerous jewelry collection has been created, there are pieces that go beyond time. For BVLGARI, some are classics that evolve through a masterful remaking and have established themselves as present trends. From mismatched earrings to striking colored gemstones, these are the timeless pieces of BVLGARI. Even its latest High Jewelry collection, Cinemagia, follow through these classic designs.

Wonderland and Jewelry to the Stars collection. (Photograph courtesy of BVLGARI and Getty)
Trombino ring, Fairy Wings necklace, and Diva’s Dream earrings.

The timeless, exalted designs

Statement rings create a bold expression with its lone oversized stone. The rings originated from the quest of women for freedom in the 1920s. At present, it has become a symbol to emphasize a woman’s independence. One of the popular statement rings emerged in the 1930s was BVLGARI Trombino or ‘little trumpet.’ It stood out with its stunning 14.38-carat Burmese ruby set amidst baguette-cut diamonds.

Colored gemstones have taken its center stage, replacing costly diamonds. BVLGARI pioneered incorporating stunning gemstones in its collection with Giardinetto brooch. The brooches highlight the different color combinations and have become iconic designs at present. Fairy Wings, a necklace from Cinemagia, features eight different gems representing the beauty of nature.

Mismatched earrings may surprise some with its unique concept but for women who like to be daring, a pair adds an edge to your style. Though it can be worn for a casual yet sophisticated look, it can also add an exceptional glamour. Diva’s Dream may come as a delightful surprise with its seemingly mismatched design. Yet the pattern of the stones makes for a refined, feminine allure.

BVGLARI Cinemagia collection showroom. (Photograph courtesy of BVLGARI and Getty)

Matchless glamorous allure

BVLGARI incorporates these timeless designs into creating its new High Jewelry collection, Cinemagia. Taking inspiration from the brand’s passion for the silver screen, the latest pieces feature mesmerizing gemstones formed in artisanal craftsmanship. Wonderland takes its name from Alice in Wonderland and consists of pieces reflecting the vibrant hues of the fictional world.

Action! necklace. (Photographs courtesy of BVGLARI)

Movie Making highlights the Action! necklace, a celebration of the celluloid roll film, a groundbreaking invention in the world of cinema. The necklace takes the hyper-resistant black-silver zirconium as a base and covers it with precious diamonds. The last of the collection, Jewelry to the Stars, features Forever Emerald. It is la Dolce Vita-inspired necklace with an octagonal step-cut. The emerald piece features a stunning geometrical design to add an unparalleled glamour to a casual or evening look.

Jon Kortajarena, Alicia Vikander, BVLGARI CEO Jean Christophe Babin, and Uma Thurman. (Photograph by David Atlan)

Elevating the magic of the night

The Cinemagia collection first took its center stage at Villa Certosa, Capri to a crowd of elite Hollywood and Italian celebrities and influencers. A-list stars like Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman, and Eva Green graced the event. The launch consisted of a model show that presented the luxurious Cinemagia. A sparkling dinner followed, with delectable Capri flavors-inspired courses Michelin-starred Executive Chef Luca Fantin created. The guests continued to enjoy the lovely night with the lively music of DJ Graziano della Nebbia. The celebration certainly elevated the unparalleled craftsmanship BVGLARI became known for.

Jewelry to the Stars collection. (Photograph courtesy of BVLGARI)
Naty Abascal, Mario Casas, Nieves Alvarez, and Jon Kortajarena. (Photograph by David Atlan)
Alicia Vikander, Uma Thurman, and Eva Green. (Photograph by David Atlan)

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