Carlo Calma’s Diyosa: A Call For Action On The Environmental Crisis

Integrating culture, history, art, myth, legend, and dance with a clear and relevant message to take action on the global environmental crisis. 

A contemporary adaptation by Architect Carlo Calma about Philippine gods and goddesses, Diyosa was a full-length ballet by Ballet Philippines (BP) focusing on the emerging message of preserving nature and taking care of the environment.

The Mastermind

Calma is considered one of the renowned Filipino visual artists and architects of today. From sculptures, objects, videos, and installations, he integrates a performative aspect into them, making his practice cut across other artistic disciplines.

He continually searches for the rich cultural identity of the Philippines, experimenting and creating provocative insights into both local and global climate issues.


Set in the mythical world of Philippine gods and goddesses, Calma’s Diyosa was choreographed by Ballet Philippines’ Artistic Director Mikhail Martynyuk. In the adaptation, Philippine gods and goddesses were characterized by distinctive elements of local life—sunrise in the countryside, crowded alleys, the chorus of tricycles and jeepneys.

It started with Calma’s libretto in a dreamy, mythical setting that follows a journey towards humankind’s awakening and metamorphosis. The production integrated all forms of art–dance, art, design, architecture, digital projections, and fashion all in unison to create a message about climate change. Diyosa combined together the culture, history, legend, and humor of Filipinos. 

It was literally the interpretation of deities from the ancient world. “The concept of gods and goddesses in this piece is very abstract. Our aim was to create a modern experience of the deities through a combination of classic, neo-classic, and modern dance styles,” says Martynyuk. He also shares, “It’s the perfect marriage of dance, music, storyboard, light projections, and art.”

The performance also highlights new and never-before-seen methods for bringing characters and storylines to life where gods and goddesses take on both the human and abstract form. 

Diyosa sparked a new conversation on sustainability that endeavors to remain relevant throughout the ages.

The Partnership

Ballet Philippines and The Theatre at Solaire have announced their strong partnership for a new and exciting theater experience for the audience. The 1,740-seater grand auditorium with state-the-art Constellation Acoustic System, is designed to deliver only the finest audio experience one can get at a performance venue.

The first-time partnership was welcome news for audiences of Philippine performance arts. Calma’s Diyosa by Ballet Philippines is one of the most awaited in The Theatre’s power cast lineup and it kicked off the partnership between Ballet Philippines and Solaire.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes at the Red Carpet/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Alexie Villaraza, Migs Rosales, Wendy Puyat, and Pepper Teehankee/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Claire and Maeva Barberis, Carol Karte, and Fuschia Quinn/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Ballet Philippines Chairman of the Board Antonio O. Cojuanco, BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein, and Architect Carlo Calma/
Ballet Philippines Chairman of the Board Antonio O. Cojuangco, BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein, and Architect Carlo Calma/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Dominic Camozzi and Michael Carandang
Dominic Camozzi and Michael Carandang/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Ambassador of Colombia to the Republic of the Philippines H.E. Marcela Ordoñez Fernandez and Sandy Moran/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Ballet Philippines Art Director Mikhail Martynyuk and his lovely daughter Eva/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Bubbles Bermudez and Jaroslav Kohout/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Chef Chele Gonzalez with wife Teri/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Former Netherlands Ambassador Theo Arnold and wife Beth Arnold/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Jeannie Goulbourn, BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein, Santi Juban, Michelle Cabrera Juban, and Lior Liechtenstein/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

Banner photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines.

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