Cartoonishly Cool: These Big Red Boots Are Taking The Internet By Storm - Arts & Culture

A New York-based art collective created large boots that look like they were taken straight out of a 2D cartoon—and the online community can’t get enough of them.

Fashion has always been an avenue for unique forms of self expression, even those that seem quite silly at first glance. This provides creatives in the fashion industry with ample opportunities to pursue fun projects that push boundaries or challenge the norm. That’s why New York-based art collective, MSCHF, has created a pair of boots that are larger than life. 

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A Fitting Name

These boots—widely known as the Big Red Boots—caused quite a storm when celebrities and bloggers showed off their advance pairs on social media and during events. Each boot weighs approximately 3.5 pounds and is just a little taller than a two-liter Coke bottle. So they are, indeed, quite big. 

The boots come in a bright shade of red that really pops, akin to a ripe tomato or clown nose. Hence, one can see why the word “cartoonish” has been thrown around online spheres when describing these distinctive creations. In fact, it seems like this was the effect that MSCHF wanted to produce. Their official press release described the footwear as “Cartoon boots for a Cool 3D World.” To emphasize the cartoonish playfulness they also added “If you kick someone in these boots they go BOING!” 

Cartoon Nostalgia

Many people online shared that the boots are reminiscent of the memorable red kicks worn by the Japanese cartoon character, Astro Boy. Some even speculate that he served as the inspiration for the boots’ overall appearance. While MSCHF hasn’t explicitly mentioned a particular cartoon influence, they did drop a possible hint through the phrase “Good thinking Boots!” in their press release. This may be a reference to Boots the monkey from Dora the Explorer, who’s known to sport a pair of bright red rubber boots. 

Boots from Dora - MSCHF Big Red Boots
Image via PNGITEM

Trending like Wildfire

Needless to say, the Big Red Boots grabbed the internet’s attention. One tiktok video by user Jaadiee—who’s known to dress his grandpa up in streetwear—has garnered more than 13 million likes and 92 million views in the four days since it was posted. Many sneaker bloggers have also shown off these new kicks, even wearing them around public spaces. 

MSCHF launched their latest creation through a look-book that featured Sarah Snyder, an Instagram influencer and model. Celebrities quickly took to the shoes, with Lil Wayne wearing them to a New York Fashion Week show and Coi Leray sporting them during her half-time performance at Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers. 

coi leray mschf big red boots
Coi Leray performing while wearing the Big Red Boots. Photo via Instagram @barclayscenter.

Creating Memorable Pieces

Weird and wacky fashion pieces and outfits are nothing new in the sartorial world. However, they’re experiencing a high resurgence in the age of social media, where brands are looking to create products that easily grab the attention of consumers as they scroll through the digital landscape. That’s why many companies and designers are advocating for unusual looks—from Harry Styles’ “clowncore” jumpsuit by Egonlab and Swarovski to Collina Strada’s animal prosthetics during the New York Fashion Week. 

This isn’t MSCHF’s first foray into the world of unorthodox and lavishly-priced fashion pieces. They’ve previously released “Jesus shoes” (Nike sneakers filled with holy water) and Birkenstocks made from the leather of Birkin bags. However, the Big Red Boots are certainly an iconic addition to their repertoire of trendy and show-stopping footwear. 

What’s more, MSCHF intends to sell these boots on their official website, so anyone who wants a pair of their own might be able to snag one for themselves. The Big Red Boots will be available for purchase on February 16 (Thursday), at 350 dollars a pair. 

Banner Photo via Instagram @barclayscenter.

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