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The multi-faceted woman finished renovating her house in the middle of the pandemic, reflecting a home now filled with constant activity.

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Going back to abandoned passion projects was a popular pursuit over the pandemic, with many forced to spend more time at home. For Cecile Zamora, the woman behind Chuvaness.com, it meant a continued immersion in her many passions.

One such undertaking is Zamora’s love of turntablism, and those visiting her home will find an entire DJ booth in her living room. Custom-made by E. Murio, the booth is one of her new favorite additions to her house, allowing her to refine her skills while concerts and shows are still prohibited from staging. To resemble the thrilling ambiance in bars and clubs, she ordered a special light projector from London, adding a beautiful strobe effect to the living room.

Zamora is a fan of contemporary Japanese design, and her home follows along that vernacular: from windows that bring in natural light, highly functional spaces and the use of natural textures

While hoping to play for crowds soon, Zamora added design pieces and had parts of her house renovated. What was once an almost empty home from busy schedules outside is now suddenly filled with constant activity, and changes needed to be made to reflect that.

To uplift the mood and add a refreshing sight, major renovations had to be done. She, however, maintained her home’s minimalist design, which blends the classic with the contemporary highlighted by bold and captivating artworks.

Part by part

“We were in the middle of renovating the boys’ room when the pandemic broke out,” Zamora says. With limited movements around, the family had to pause the renovation as the situation was at the height of alarm and uncertainty. The children then had to move back into their smaller childhood bedroom temporarily.

Fortunately, as the conditions of the pandemic and the safety guidelines were changed in the country, the contractors were able to resume the renovation. When her children moved to the new room, Zamora says the smaller room was transformed into her home gym.

“I never liked going to the gym because I’m shy and I don’t want to share space with people,” she admits. Her home gym became her perfect alcove to keep in shape while professional fitness centers remain closed or limited for clients.

A home office setup is an essential in pandemic times. Zamora had her done right next to her bedroom. “This is where I take zoom meetings, open email, pay bills, and work from home. The kids also study here,” she shares. Since online classes started for many schools, she made sure her children have ample workspace, too.

The Guns Table Lamp by Philippe Starck is just one of the interesting pieces in Zamora’s home

Full of warmth

Although Zamora decides on the overall look of the house, she wants her children to reflect their personalities in their own room as well. “They have their own taste which I understand and they have good taste. I just had to tone it down a little. The rest is up to me,” she shares.

While their house is newly renovated and the atmosphere and energy have changed, there is one essential element that remains the same—love.

“It’s the people,” she says about her personal definition of a home, “It’s me and the kids and our household who keep us sane.”

Beyond design and aesthetics, it is the people who dwell in the home that makes it as such. Like many others who had mulled over the events during the pandemic, Zamora knows her family is what matters the most.

Not one for public workouts, Zamora turned a room in her house into a home gym, and will continue using it even after the pandemic ends

“Everything we need is in here. As long as we have good health, good food, and basic necessities, we are good,” she shares.

The full story on Cecile Zamora can be found in Volume 1 of Lifestyle Asia 2021.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

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