5 Hollywood Celebrities With Filipino Roots

Explore the surprising Filipino heritage of these Hollywood celebrities

Hollywood: glitz, glamor, and… a touch of surprise? While you might know about certain celebrities with Filipino roots, get ready for a twist. 

We’re delving into the world of stars who have a Filipino connection, revealing a side to their stories that might just surprise you!

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Olivia Rodrigo

Let’s start with Olivia Rodrigo.

You know her from her music and that catchy driver’s license song, right? 

Well, here’s a fun twist!

Her mom is American, with a mix of Irish and German in her blood, while her dad is Filipino-American.

Olivia Rodrigo young
Young Olivia Rodrigo/Photo via Instagram @oliviarodrigo

Rodrigo spilled the beans about her roots to Disney.

She shares that her great-grandfather made a bold move, hopping over from the Philippines to the US as a teenager. 

Imagine having Filipino food and traditions mixed in with your everyday life!

Olivia Rodrigo, singer of Drivers license
Olivia Rodrigo/Photo via Instagram @oliviarodrigo

Bruno Mars 

Ah, Bruno Mars – the superstar with a groove that gets everyone moving. 

Did you know he’s actually related to Ruffa Gutierrez? Yes, the actress!

Turns out, his grandfather and Ruffa’s dad, the actor Eddie Gutierrez, are cousins. 

And here’s another twist in the plot: Mars isn’t just Filipino, he’s also got Puerto Rican blood flowing through his veins. 

Talk about a musical fusion!

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars/Photo via Instagram @brunomars

Nicole Scherzinger

Now, let’s dive into Nicole Scherzinger’s background. 

She’s got a seriously rich heritage mix. 

Her dad proudly represents Filipino roots, while her mom is a beautiful blend of Hawaiian, Ukrainian, and Russian descent. 

Imagine growing up with such a colorful mix of cultures! 

Nicole Scherzinger young
Young Nicole Scherzinger/Photo via Instagram @nicolescherzinger

Scherzinger’s embracing both her Filipino and Hawaiian sides.

From traditional Filipino dances taught by her dad to visits to her grandmother in the Philippines, she’s had quite the cultural adventure.

Nicole Scherzinger now, 2023
Nicole Scherzinger/Photo via Instagram @nicolescherzinger

Rob Schneider

Next up, the funny guy Rob Schneider. 

Born in San Francisco, his family is a cool mix of Filipino and Caucasian roots. 

Rob Schneider with his late tita Rose Formoso
Rob Schneider with his late Tita Rose Formoso/Photo via Instagram @iamrobschneider 

With a Jewish dad and a Catholic mom, Schneider’s life is a lively blend of backgrounds that he’s brilliantly woven into his comedy acts.

A dash of diversity sure spices up his humor!

Rob Schneider with his on and offscreen friend, Adam Sandler
Rob Schneider with Adam Sandler/Photo via Instagram @iamrobschneider

Shay Mitchell 

And let’s not forget Shay Mitchell, the stunning face behind Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. 

She’s got a Kapampangan mom and an Irish/Scottish dad, creating a captivating mix of flavors. 

Here’s a surprising tidbit: Mitchell happens to be the second cousin of none other than Lea Salonga. 

Talk about a talented family tree!

Actress Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell/Photo via Instagram @shaymitchell

Cultural Blend 

And there you have it – a quick tour of Hollywood’s Filipino connections. 

These stars show us that heritage is like a colorful mosaic, made up of different pieces that come together to create something truly unique. 

Who would’ve thought that these glitzy celebs had such fascinating backgrounds? 

It just goes to show, there’s always more to the story than meets the eye!

Banner photo by Agatha Romero via Instagram @nicolescherzinger, @brunomars, @thombrowne.

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