Beauty from Within: Charmaine Lagman On the True Essence of Beauty

This cover story was originally written by Sara Siguion-Reyna for Lifestyle Asia’s August 2019 Edition titled, “The Essence of Beauty.”

In this age of social media with its benefits and pressures, one may feel the need to define beauty according to society’s standards. Yet every day, people debunk the concept of beauty and it has evolved into many things. For Charmaine Lagman, the true essence of beauty can be found from within. “Beauty is the inner glow that radiates forth and manifests in your external world,” she says.

Charmaine in a yacht looking out at the view of Manila Bay. (Photographed by Shaira Luna)

Keeping only the essentials

As the wife of Mike Lagman, a co-owner of MC Geometric Proportions, Inc., and a mother of three, Charmaine is indeed a busy woman. Yet she finds the time to bond with her family and take care of herself. This entails committing to her skincare and makeup routines. “It is important to remove the dirt of the day and just as important to put back all the goodness your skin deserves and will benefit from before you sleep,” she says. “I’d rather have just the essentials rather than having too much superfluous things, and I also believe in quality over quantity,” she adds. Like her mom, Charmaine keeps her makeup simple with baby powder, subtle blush, and nude lipstick. She only wears full makeup for special occasions.

Attaining inner beauty

For Charmaine, true beauty relies on a person’s morals, character, and principles in life. “Being skinny or size zero should never be the gold standard for being beautiful,” she says. “What matters is you are fit and healthy.” Taking care of one’s well-being is an utmost priority for her. She also emphasizes to “Be authentic, this will make you stand out and be confident. If you have a good heart no matter what, you are beautiful.”

Read the full cover story of Charmaine Lagman in Lifestyle Asia’s August 2019 Edition, titled “The Essence of Beauty.”

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