Child’s Play: Artist Seungjin Yang creates unexpected and fun furniture pieces from balloons - Arts & Culture

How the whimsical Blowing Series came to life and his reimagination of the Dior medallion chair

It all began with Seungjin Yang’s mere interest in the balloon’s randomly defined and unexpected form when it is blown. And thus, the Blowing Series was created in 2013 when the designer attempted various ways through repetition of trials. By applying multiple coatings of epoxy resin, the balloons transformed from soft, weak, and unstable to glossy, glass-like, and firm, resulting in surprising solid crafts: functional furniture and also quirky works of art.

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Yang was raised in a city surrounded by mountains located in the far east side of Korea. He received his Bachelor of Arts in metal and design from Hongik University in 2013.  People with whom he works, communicates, and collaborates are what inspire him, rather than environmental and cultural issues.

Functional playthings

For the designer, there is pleasure in the process of changing fragile and undefined balloons and sharing the unexpectedness of turning such ordinary delicate materials into objects of art and function with completely opposite characteristics–firmness, hardiness, stability.

Yang says, “The sensation of sitting on these balloons can be unsettling and surprising too.”

Last year Yang had the opportunity to reinterpret the iconic Dior medallion chair for Dior Maison. His unique work of art was unveiled at the Salone Del Mobile 2021, applying his signature whimsical Blowing Series technique by molding various balloons using epoxy resin to transform the structure of the chair.

The artist shares, “For me, even adults can still play like children…The idea of having toys, playful attitudes. I thought that what we call a chair could be a fun material to play with.”

He adds, “In these inflatable balloons, there are old childhood memories. My works, wherever they are, I realize that I am having fun with it.”

Banner photo from @seungjin_yang_ on Instagram.

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