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The chamber which has been in use at Hong Kong International Airport since May combines temperature checks, disinfection, and sanitation coating on individuals in under 40 seconds.

It is an understatement to say that the pandemic has negatively impacted the economy, even causing a national recession due to a surge in cases and ineffective policy. Many businesses such as retail and dining establishments have had to redirect to digital means of operations to stay afloat, but some still require in-person interaction to operate such as gyms and theaters, which is still a no-go unfortunately. While malls have been allowed to open at a limited capacity and with safety protocols in place, entering such spaces is not still a risk many would take even with the added sanitation measures. 

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This lack of trust in public spaces comes from the lack of assurance that the sanitation measures implemented are enough to significantly diminish the chances of infection, not just in entering but exiting as well. With the release of the CleanTech J-1 in the local market, the disinfection chamber just might be the needed tool for these spaces to get the people’s trust.

The CleanTech J-1 chamber executes a 4-in-1 sanitation system for every person that passes through it.

First used back in May at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the walk-through chamber boasts a 4-in-1 system that assures sanitation and safety for individuals that pass it. The chamber’s trial run in HKIA was mainly used for airport staff that were assigned public health and quarantine functions for arriving passengers. 

The no contact temperature check is done before entering the chamber.

The system begins with a contact-free temperature check at its entrance before entering its chamber. Once inside, the disinfection starts with air filtration through negative pressure and air passes through filters to purify it from bacteria and viruses. After the air filtration, any bacterium that wasn’t filtered through the vents will be ‘punctured’ by the inner walls of the chamber from its Aegis Intelligent 5700SC coating, as well as a photocatalyst activated by UV light eliminate microbes on the surface area of the person, clothes, and exposed skin. The final step is a mist spray of BioEm Air Sanitizing and Purifying Liquid that is circulated throughout the interior space to cleanse every inch of the person for final sterilization before exiting the chamber. 

The photocatalyst activated by UV Light

The chamber’s use provides quick and effective sanitation of people passing through with the entire 4-step process only taking 40 seconds. This ease in sanitation can greatly diminish harmful germs entering into malls or stadiums and preventing patrons from carrying any pathogens when they leave these establishments as well. 

The chamber was first used at Hong Kong International Airport back in May.

Immediate local sectors that can benefit from the CleanTech chamber are the medical frontliners to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within hospitals and clinics, and airports to minimize international carriers of the virus. The release of the product in the Philippines can also be a possible tool to ease the concerns of people availing certain goods and services outside of their homes, thus providing more mobility of goods and possibly giving a much needed bump in economic activity in the consumer market.

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