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Sophisticated, wearable, and accessible are what tie the four collections together, showcasing distinctly Filipino ready-to-wear pieces that are both modern and global.

Known to revolutionizing the retail landscape in the Philippines, Rhett Eala has mastered the complex science of retail all while meeting a discerning market’s demand for elevated design, quality workmanship, accessibility, and wearability. 

Following the success of his stores at the Powerplant Mall and SM Aura, Eala is once again reimagining the Philippine retail experience with a design platform built to showcase distinctly Filipino ready-to-wear design that’s equal parts modern and global, the Rhett Eala Concept Store located in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Everyday Filipino Wear

“I wanted to share the space with other local designers or labels that present a fresh and distinct take on Filipino design for everyday dressing,” shares Eala. Located on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5, the concept store will carry curated pieces by Eala as well as Bitagcol by Jo Ann Bitagcol, TdLG by Tweetie de Leon Gonzales, and Ivarluski Aseron. 

Eala’s own collection for the space will feature design-driven everyday pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night. Typically resonating with a retail audience, silhouettes are decidedly easy and forgiving. New patterns, prints, and colorways will be introduced as a continuation of the designer’s distinct style narrative. As it has been for years, his pieces are style staples that elevate any well-rounded wardrobe season after season.

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Eala elaborates, “Through our shared point of view, we realized that there is more to dressing local than tribal or craft details. Wearing local clothes is also not just limited to formal gowns. It can be much more sophisticated yet wearable and accessible.”

Mindful Curation

Bitagcol, TdLG and Ivarluski Aseron are mainstays of the new Rhett Eala design platform. He confesses that this would be his first time to curate a retail experience where pieces are not solely designed by him.

“It was important that designers showcased in the space share the same brand values, standards in quality,” shares Eala. Brand storytelling also factors into the curation process. Unique narratives told by each label or designer adds to new layers and dimensions to the retail space. It also creates an entire design experience where client and maker can truly connect. 

Retail collections will be on display alongside one-of-pieces at the Rhett Eala store in Greenbelt 5. “We also wanted to create a full experience of the brands by including showcase pieces,” he explains.

Honoring the design community

According to the brand, when Eala began preparing for the new concept store, his primary intention was to create a space that would elevate and support the design community. “We have a design community in the country that’s brimming with talent and fresh new ideas,” he shares. By welcoming other designers to become part of the space, he hopes to help the style community. He continues, “Especially for those who don’t have the brick and mortar space.” 

Eala further reveals that others will be invited as guest designers in the coming months. The store opening, however, offered patrons a refreshing and invigorated retail experience from Eala along with mainstays Bitagcol, TdLg, and Ivarluski Aseron.


Bitagcol is the culmination of multi-hyphenate Jo Ann Bitagcol’s creative journey. As a model, photographer, and visual artist, Bitagcol captures moments, memories, and musings through imagery digitally transferred onto garments and other style accouterments. Silk scarves, tops, aprons, and wrap skirts are infused with Bitagcol’s distinct take on nostalgia to create wearable pieces of fashion. 

She shares, “Tito Rhett is a retail visionaire. When I was invited to join, I knew right away that it would be a privilege to learn from him through this space. It was an immediate ‘yes!’” Pieces from the collection of Bitagcol will feature her signature prints applied on contemporary, reimagined everyday garments–a bomber jacket turned skirt, sheer lace overcoats, and apron dresses. “TheI idea is to convey the rich story of Philippine culture through fashion that speaks to all ages, gender, and body type.” 


Founded by supermodel, actress, and TV personality, Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez, TdLG is an accessories label that fuses craft, creativity, and the Filipino spirit for wanderlust. Pieces are handmade, resulting in one-of-a-kind accessories that reflect the founder’s pursuit of new-fangled style expressions. Conceived as personal fashion amulets, every piece from TdLG tells the story of adventure and discovery. 

“Rhett remains a retail specialist,” opines Tweetie. “He possesses a unique intuition for what will work and that which will not. I’ve had some presence in Rhett’s other retail spaces and it has worked well for both of us. He and I share a deep respect for each other’s craft and business ethics.” Although returning to the retail space was not in the agenda for Tweetie, the opportunity to become part of the concept store was impossible to resist. 

Immediately, Tweetie began to put together a collection for the space. She describes, “They are a continuation of what I have started–pieces that grace instead of overwhelm. I’ve been having this extended love affair with earrings so there will be quite a few of those.” TdLG’s selections for the Rhett Eala store will also showcase hand picked items for the home like tassels and art trays. 

Ivarluski Aseron  

Ivarluski Aseron has a penchant for reimagining distinctly Filipino design elements into contemporary sculptural masterpieces. An A-list favorite, the designer has been celebrated for his mastery in both tailoring and complex detailing.

Mostly known for his bespoke pieces, Ivar returns to the RTW as he joins the Rhett Eala concept space. He shares details about his collection, saying “My collection is very casual but there are details that are truly aligned with my aesthetic. Most pieces are gender-neutral. I came up with the collection thinking of pieces I can wear myself and to give consumers options that are different and unique.”

Rhett Eala Concept Store is located in Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Follow Rhett Eala on Instagram @rhetteala for updates.

Photos courtesy of Rhett Eala Concept Store.

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