On The List: Vecna's Mansion From 'Stranger Things' Is For Sale At $1.5M - The Scene

Vecna is giving Kate Bush a run for her money.

Kate Bush proved that the road to success runs uphill with the overnight resurgence of her song “Running Up That Hill.”

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Now, Stranger Things has another moneymaker in its midst. None other than the villainous Vecna.

The real-life owners of the antagonist’s mansion as seen in the show have officially put it up for sale. But the only scary thing about it is its $1.5-million price tag.

“In a Stranger turn of events, the iconic ‘Creel House’ can be yours! Not to worry, the previous resident of the third floor has since been relocated by a single exterminator-we think,” the listing reads.

The Rome, Georgia home is 6,000 square feet in size, including seven bedrooms and bathrooms, on top of a guesthouse behind the main house.

To scale, Bush earned around $300,000 per week in royalties with around $2.3 million from May 27 to June 23, based on estimates of The Sun.

This means that Vecna is not quite there yet when measuring up to Bush’s success (with the help of Max’s signature scene).

Though he did prove that he certainly can hold his own financially outside the show. So let the buyer beware!

Banner Photo by Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. via website.

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