Three Filipino Wedding Professionals Were Named The Best In The World

Teena Barreto, Gideon Hermosa, and Teddy Manuel are considered to be the crème de la crème of the wedding industry, having made it to Destination Wedding Planner’s 2022 to 2023 Powerlist. 

Destination Wedding Planner (DWP) is known globally as the strongest platform in the destination wedding industry, and has been responsible for gathering some of the biggest celebrity wedding planners, royalty specialists, and destination wedding experts to help make their clients’ dream weddings come true. 

Each year, the prestigious group releases their “Powerlist” in order to recognize the best 100 wedding planners and stylists around the world. For the year 2022 to 2023, the list included not one, not two, but three Filipino professionals who excel in their chosen fields. These are global events planner Teena Barretto, and wedding designers Gideon Hermosa and Teddy Manuel. The three Filipinos were awarded in the DWP Congress, which took place from March 14th to 16th at Doha, Qatar. 

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Teena Barretto and Gideon Hermosa Destination Wedding Planner’s DWP Powerlist 2022 to 2023
Teena Barretto and Gideon Hermosa at the DWP Powerlist 2022 awarding in Qatar last month.
Teddy Manuel with Preston Bailey in Destination Wedding Planner’s DWP Powerlist 2022 to 2023
R-L: Teddy Manuel with international event designer to Hollywood stars and book author Preston Bailey.

Every one of the aforementioned professionals has made a name for themselves in the industry, having worked with some of the biggest stars both in and out of the country. The commitment and passion they hold for their respective professions not only make them stand out, but also serve as sources of inspiration to new generations of aspiring wedding designers and planners.

In this feature, the three professionals set aside some time to share more details about their recent achievement, works, and inspirations with Lifestyle Asia


Teena Barreto is known to be a seasoned events planner, as she runs the first global event planning company, Teena Barretto Events (TBE). The enterprise offers services for a variety of big occasions, like weddings, lifestyle events, and socials, among others. 

The company has managed both national and international events, taking them to a wide range of destinations including Bali, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Tuscany, and Rome, just to name a few. In fact, TBE intends to continue growing its foreign clientele, as it plans on establishing headquarters in Los Angeles by 2023. 

Some notable clients of the brand include Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, Judy Anne Santos, Matteo Guidicelli, Sharon Cuneta, and the Kramer family. 

Teena Barretto Destination Wedding Planner’s DWP Powerlist 2022 to 2023
Teena Barretto and a sample of her work/Photo from DWP’s official website

Changing the Game

Such an extensive list of accomplishments can only come from someone who’s long been dedicated to her work. When asked what inspired her to enter her profession, Barretto answered: “I had the strong urge to change the world (weddings) that only knows tradition, repetitiveness, and redundancy. I wanted to bring in my dose of creativity and fun.” 

Indeed, Barretto does just that with her brand’s aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and grand signature style—which is always customized to fit her client’s wishes. “It’s always been our goal to bring awe-inspiring ideas and executions that will raise the bar every single time,” she shared with Lifestyle Asia.

Barretto’s favorite part of her profession is encountering various forms of creativity from her clients. “Each client requires a different version of our talent, skill, and creativity. And I  think that’s my favorite part: delivering the dream, and redefining celebrations, each and every time,” she explained. 

A Meaningful Win

Barretto’s inclusion in DWP’s 2022 to 2023 list actually marks the second time the events planner has received the organization’s award. However, this year is particularly special to her, as she gets to be recognized alongside other skilled Filipino designers. 

“I am sharing the stage with two equally talented stylists, Gideon Hermosa and Teddy Manuel. I know this is just the beginning for the Philippine wedding industry being in the map of global events planning and design. The industry is finally getting the spotlight it deserves. And that makes me so proud and honored to be the first one to pave the way for it,” she stated. 

For those aspiring to enter the event or wedding planning industry, Barretto offers the following words of advice: “Carve your own niche and make your mark. Don’t go with the flow, be the flow. Know your strengths, amplify your strengths, and everything else will follow.”


Gideon Hermosa is the founder and creative director of House of Hermosa, a popular event styling company within the country. He specializes in experiential floor-to-ceiling designs that completely transform a venue. House of Hermosa has handled numerous events within the Philippines like Palawan, Davao, and Cebu, as well as occasions outside of the country in places like Hawaii, Italy, Austria, and Singapore. 

Some notable clients that Hermosa has worked with include Anne Curtis,  Bea Alonzo, Kathryn Bernardo, Iza Calzado, and Angelica Panganiban. 

Gideon Hermosa Destination Wedding Planner’s DWP Powerlist 2022 to 2023
Gideon Hermosa and a sample of his work/Photo from DWP’s official website

Rooted in Family Traditions

Celebrations have always been rooted in all the traditions of Hermosa’s family, so taking up a profession in the wedding industry was a fitting path for the designer. “I’m partial to weddings just because it’s filled with positivity and of course, love. And it’s where I get to play around with my favorite decorative medium, flowers. A wedding is never complete without it and it’s been a great way for me to showcase my passion,” he shared with Lifestyle Asia

When asked what he loves most about working in his profession, Hermosa highlighted the joy and satisfaction that arises during his conceptualization process. “What truly wins my heart is the creative concept that I’ve developed. This is the part where ideas start to come together and we begin presenting to our clients. When the wheels in my brain start turning and new ideas come in,” he explained. 

Hermosa also enjoys the traveling that comes with his profession: “I love that what I do takes me to beautiful places that inspire me in my work.”

Creating Unforgettable Memories

Hermosa makes it a point to cater to all kinds of events, whether they be lavish weddings abroad or home parties. “We dedicate ourselves to providing an event our clients can truly be proud of and most especially feel like it’s been truly designed for them. It’s been our goal to make sure that we exceed expectations,” he explained to Lifestyle Asia.

The designer’s main mission? To create beautiful fleeting moments that leave a lasting impact on those he works with. “A lot of hard work is given for a few hours of celebration because we know that it lasts a lifetime as memories for all our clients,” he shared. 

With an admirable work ethic and a meaningful ethos behind his company, it’s no wonder Hermosa won DWP’s prestigious award—an achievement that he carries with pride. 

“I truly feel honored. It’s been a personal dream of mine to put the Philippines on the map of the wedding industry all over the globe. I’m sure I am not the only designer that dreams of this, but I’m very grateful that I am now part of making it happen,” stated Hermosa. 

Hermosa shared the following advice addressed to anyone looking to join him in bolstering the country’s wedding industry: “Never be scared to try a new idea! Don’t just follow trends, you can create them.”


DWP’s website describes Teddy Manuel as “one of the most respected names in the Philippine event industry,” and one look at his portfolio and experience is enough to know that this is an undeniable statement. 

Manuel is not only the founder and chief designer of his eponymous brand, Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events, but also an esteemed educator who’s been training aspiring events stylists for years through annual masterclasses. As such, the designer has garnered a dedicated and significantly large fanbase on his social media platforms. 

Teddy Manuel Destination Wedding Planner’s DWP Powerlist 2022 to 2023
Teddy Manuel and a sample of his work/Photo from DWP’s official website

His talent speaks for itself, as one can see it shining through his gorgeous flower arrangements and extravagant venue designs. Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events has handled celebrations in both Australia and Malaysia, and worked with a number of big names like Marian Rivera and Rachelle Ann Go. 

Manuel—along with fellow events designer Gideon Hermosa—was even given an exclusive invitation from the tourism boards of Turkey and Switzerland to help promote the countries as “go-to” travel spots. The two successful professionals were also invited to witness the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, which should give readers an idea of just how well-respected they are in their fields. 

Pursuing a Passion

The road to working in the wedding industry was not a straightforward one for Manuel. The designer told Lifestyle Asia that he initially studied aeronautical engineering before he considered a career in event designing. 

After all, the wedding industry is a fairly young one, as Manuel explained that it only started emerging roughly 20 years ago. What sparked his interest in design were the newspaper features that showcased weddings at the time. These articles would reveal a whole new world to him: “It’s not just about flowers. It’s also about the drapes, how they incorporate lights, how they do staging, and such.”

So without much hesitation, the designer began pursuing a career in event styling. While following one’s passions might seem like a risky move for some, it’s the very reason why Manuel has never felt like he’s “worked” a day in his life. 

“The creative process every day brings something new, something different, even something niche. There are no two weddings alike, and I’m thrilled to be doing this [his job] on a weekly basis,” he shared with Lifestyle Asia. 

Manuel also mentioned that working with brides and grooms is always an exciting experience, as their collective joy is contagious. “They’re always excited, always looking forward to their dream wedding,” he explained. 

Making Dreams Come True

Manuel shared that he was “fortunate and honored” not only to have received DWP’s award, but also to have participated in its Congress’ special talks with celebrity designers (whom he described as the equivalent of “Oscar-winners” in his industry). 

These included professionals like Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie, who’ve worked with famous politicians, fashion designers, and actors. Some of their notable clients include Jennifer Hudson, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Liza Minelli. Understandably, Manuel was starstruck meeting such influential figures.  

“It’s so inspiring when you’re on stage with them, it’s like it’s not true. But then you’re on stage with them, teaching and giving inspiration to others,” he told Lifestyle Asia

More than being a representative of Filipino excellence in the global wedding industry, Manuel strives to give aspiring designers the chance to do the same. The professional believes in the importance of not only pursuing passions, but also continuous education. 

That’s why throughout the past six years, he’s been providing masterclasses for young event designers who want to make their mark. During these special classes, Manuel gives attendees ideas and real-life advice, while letting them style their own venue through demonstrations and hands-on workshops. 

“Dreams do come true,” he shared with Lifestyle Asia, when asked what he wanted to say to aspiring designers. “Persevere and believe in yourself. The most important thing in life is to be happy.” 

Banner Photos courtesy of Teena Barretto, Gideon Hermosa, and Teddy Manuel.

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