The Defender Family: An Icon Reimagined for the 21st Century

With 71 years of versatility, durability, capability, and toughness, the Land Rover Defender has single-handedly defined the “go-anywhere, can-do” spirit of all-terrain vehicles.

Across seven decades of pioneering innovation, the Land Rover Defenders have earned a unique place in the hearts of explorers and adventurous families across the globe. Proven in the harshest environments of the world, the Defender has never failed to deliver transformation breadth of capability through the years. “Tough, durable, and highly functional, the Land Rover Defender is a compelling story of emotionally engaging design and engineering integrity,” said Gerry McGovern, Jaguar Land Rover’s Design Director and Chief Creative Officer.

In the Philippines, the Defender has had a rich and varied history with a great following and admiration from Filipino adventurers—starting with the Defender 110, which disrupted the country’s automotive industry in 2020. This most anticipated car launch at the time was then followed by the launch of the Defender 90 in 2021, with the Defender 130 completing the iconic trio in 2022.

Just in time for the milestone of turning over the 500th Defender to its owner in June, Land Rover reimagines the Defenders 90, 110, and 130. The brand embraces the Defender’s stunning capability and minimalistic, functional interior, and reinvents the iconic family for the 21st century. Remaining faithful to the pioneering spirit that has been a Land Rover hallmark for more than seven decades now, all whilst being adaptable for the needs of this generation, the new Defender family pushes the boundaries to do the unthinkable—hence, making 90, 110, and 130 the most capable all-terrain vehicles Land Rover has ever made that people will love to own and drive.

With its visually compelling proportions, a go-anywhere-do-anything attitude, and durability at its very core, meet the new Land Rover Defender Family.

The world-class expert both off- and on-road

Land Rover Defenders

The Defender 90 or D-90 is the most compact out of the three options. It accommodates five occupants and has a short wheelbase and minimal overhangs that offer excellent off-road geometry.

The brand’s DNA and off-roading prowess has only improved over the years, making D-90 by far the go-to offroader with a P300 engine for those who want a light, two-door vehicle that can still handle rough terrain. With D-90’s recognizable silhouette and compelling proportions, arriving in style is always a given.

The ultimate expression of power and courage

Land Rover Defenders

The Defender 110 or D-110 is the next step-up for this family of capable and durable 4×4 vehicles. It offers spacious occupancy for five to seven people, with load space behind the second-row seats of up to 1, 075 liters, and as much as 2,380 liters when the second row is folded. 

This archetypal four-door Defender is the vehicle that makes everyone go where others dare not or cannot go, with better opportunities to customize it according to one adventurer’s needs on the trail—from legroom all the way to the engine choices of P300, D300, P400, and P400e.

A combination of striking design, unmatched on and off-road capabilities, equipped with 21st century technology, the unstoppable D-110 is designed with purpose and engineered to excite.

A new dimension of capability in All-Terrain vehicles

Land Rover Defenders

Land Rover realizes its original vision for a family of Defender vehicles with the introduction of the Defender 130 or D-130 that can handle the toughest of terrains and accommodate up to eight adventurers plus cargo. Defender’s iconic silhouette has been elegantly extended by 340mm at the rear to provide enhanced interior space across all three rows, without compromising its all-terrain capabilities. Its spacious interior welcomes and transports people in supreme comfort, enabling sophisticated adventures, with unique design signatures. 

Everyone knows that the future is electric, and that future is now. This is why the new Land Rover Defender is electrified from launch. Along with the new P400e Plug-in Hybrid, Land Rover’s powerful and efficient D300 in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine also joins the range. Strong performance, smooth responses, and refinement all combine to deliver another Defender that’s a world-class, all-rounder on the road, and an unrivaled expert off-road. Available in the 110 and 130 body designs, the D300 engine delivers a blend of performance and economy, while also being the most capable and durable electrified Land Rover. 

For more information about the Defender family, you may visit Land Rover’s website.

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