5 Hair Care Brands Owned By Hollywood Stars

These hair care brands showcase intentional and effective products, all created by celebrated Hollywood stars.

Hollywood stars are truly talented when it comes to their craft, which is acting. However, they are not confined to their careers in the entertainment industry. Most of them embark on their own business ventures, like these powerful female celebrities who own hair care brands, and even oversaw preparations and formulations.

Their products showcase products which vary to cater to different kinds of hair styles and hair types. Here are our top celebrities who promise healthier locks with their label.

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Issa Rae and Hannah Diop’s Sienna Naturals

Sienna Naturals is the hair care brainchild between Hollywood star Issa Rae and her sister-in-law, Hannah Diop. The brand’s mission is to empower its patrons with products that work with one’s hair and understands its specific needs. 

Diop in particular was struggling to find a formula for her own needs especially when she learned about the high rates of dermatitis and scalp irritation in Black and Brown communities. She began the journey to find the best ingredients in 2012 and turned her kitchen into a laboratory, where the first batch of products from the brand originated. 2013 became the year of discovery as it was when Sienna Naturals’ official formulation was born. 

Issa Rae and Hannah Diop, Sienna Naturals’ founders
Issa Rae and Hannah Diop, Sienna Naturals’ founders/Photo via Instagram @siennanaturals

Rae joined the team in 2019 and together they officially relaunched the company. 

Sienna Naturals’ founding story.

One of the reviews of the product claimed that it was the “Best vegan line” and they loved the natural ingredients used. Among their best sellers are “Issa’s Wash Day Rituals,” a set that offers users a restorative hair care experience.

"Issa's Wash Day Rituals" restores hair for those who "does most" with their curls
“Issa’s Wash Day Rituals” restores hair for those who “does most” with their curls/Photo from Sienna Naturals’ website

“Our co-founders are reimagining textured hair care so you can wear any style with confidence,” the brand explained.

Taraji P. Henson’s TPH

American actress Taraji P. Henson launched her hair care brand, TPH by TARAJI, in 2020 according to a report by People. She dedicated more than 10 years of work concocting products from her very own kitchen, saying she was “like a mad scientist.”

Taraji P. Henson’s TPH by TARAJI is one of the hair care brands by Hollywood stars that has a a scalp-first approach on every product.
Taraji P. Henson’s TPH by TARAJI is one of the hair care brands by Hollywood stars that has a a scalp-first approach on every product. /Photo via Instagram @tphbytaraji

Henson emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s hair regardless of it being styled or braided up under a wig. She observed as well that the scalp tends to be overlooked by many, which led her to develop a product “specifically for the scalp.”

She struggled because she didn’t see anything in the market that catered to scalp or protective hair care styles. “So what did I have to do? Create it,” she added.

“I created applicators that deliver the product to your scalp. It’s not compromised on your fingertips or wasted on your hair,” the actress said.

Henson said her products are color-coded according to people’s needs. Their website shows the products are indeed themed to match what one requires for their hair care rituals. Yellow for scalp care, purple for treatment styler, blue for cleansing, and so on.

Taraji P. Henson’s TPH by Taraji advocates for embracing who you are, including one’s natural hair.

Their bestsellers include the “Make It Rain” hydration rich conditioner and their “Honey Fresh” clarifying shampoo.

This set by TPH by Taraji promises hydration, deep-cleansing, and scalp care/Photo from TPH by Taraji’s website

“TPH by Taraji products deliver nourishment, protection, and deep cleansing solutions for every hair style, texture, and type. We’ve got you covered!” The brand says.

4U by Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry is the founder and creative director of 4U by Tia. It is a hair care brand specializing in simple, safe, sustainable, and science-backed products. It launched in January last year, so they have just celebrated their one year anniversary.

Tia Mowry spearheads 4U by Tia, one of the safe and sustainable hair care brands in the market
Tia Mowry spearheads 4U by Tia, one of the safe and sustainable hair care brands in the market/Photo via Instagram @4UbyTia

“We started 4U to take the guesswork out of curl care,” Mowry said. “Our job is to make your natural hair journey truly your own.”

A report from Byrdie said the actress thought straight hair meant sexy. She didn’t see people with curly hair represented in the media often. Eventually, she started the venture of developing one of the best hair care brands in the market.

4U by Tia came to life with a partnership with biotechnology company Amyris. Working together brought about tons of alignment with the two advocating for safe and sustainable ingredients. 

The brand makes use of the HEMI15 or hemisqualane, a patented molecule created from ethically grown renewable sugarcane. This nourishes and moisturizes hair from root to tip after just one use according to 4U by Tia.

Results from using 4U by Tia’s products, induced with the powerful HEMI15
Results from using 4U by Tia’s products, induced with the powerful HEMI15/Photo from 4U by Tia’s website

The brand commented that loving your natural hair can be healthy, strong, and uniquely yours.

Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston launched her hair care brand LolaVie in 2021. Aniston is also obsessed with technological advances and the latest beauty and health innovations. Her goal for her brand is to combine the best of science and nature. 

The actress said they’re proud to release a brand without parabens, silicone, sulfate, gluten, and phthalates. “And of course CRUELTY-FREE, because we love our animals,” she wrote. 

Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie is one of the hair care brands in the market that are vegan and cruelty-free
Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie is one of the hair care brands in the market that are vegan and cruelty-free/Photo via Instagram @lolavie

A report from People said she sought help from Amy Sachs and Joel Ronkin, who developed her fragrance line a few years back. Sachs and Ronkin are onboard with her team as co-founders.  

The name Lola came from a spontaneous moment in Aniston’s life. She gave that name to her car during her early years in California. Now, the brand describes that “Lola” is “someone who owns who they are, believes in themselves, and does things their way.”

The brand is intentional through introducing one product at a time. They want to ensure they get the right formulations first and are mindful of the products they create, which takes time.

One of their best-selling products is their award-winning Glossing Detangler. It is a lightweight spray that detangles, primes, enhances shine, smoothens, and protects the hair from damage. It is color safe and is perfect for all hair types. 

LolaVie’s Glossing Detangler
LolaVie’s Glossing Detangler/Photo from LolaVie’s website

LolaVie claimed healthy hair can be achieved through unrushed innovation and sourcing high grade vegan products.

Beyoncé to launch Cécred

“Hair is sacred,” wrote Beyoncé as she teased her new hair care line, Cécred, launching on February 20. The brand, which started uploading teasers on February 7, has since uploaded three videos. They did not divulge anything more than the release date and compiled clips of women with different hair textures.

The singer also uploaded a video of her, young, with her mom Tina Knowles, who is a hair stylist.

Cécred launches on February 20.

One of the videos uploaded featured Beyonce saying she grew up in her mother’s hair salon. By the end of it, she welcomed the public to her hair journey.

We’ll have to hold on for Tuesday, once the star releases her line.

Banner photo via Instagram @siennanaturals.

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