Stay Dry In Style: Five Must-Haves For Women This Rainy Season

The rainy months have arrived, which means it’s time to equip yourself with handy items and apparel that’ll keep you dry and fashionable throughout the season.

The rainy season poses a number of challenges to the style-savvy woman. Humidity is the main culprit of hair frizz, while puddles can lead to unpleasantly soaked feet. Then there are instances when strong winds can blow rain horizontally. In these cases, not even the best umbrellas can protect your outfit and head from getting wet. 

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That’s why it’s crucial to come prepared with gear and beauty products that’ll keep you looking fresh, dry, and indomitably chic. To help you get started, we’ve prepared a list of five must-have items for your bag and wardrobe this monsoon season:

Lacoste Women’s Oversize Hooded Windbreaker

Keep comfortable with Lacoste’s oversized hooded windbreaker. Both roomy and lightweight, this functional outwear piece won’t weigh you down when you’re out and about. It’s got an adjustable hood that’s great for keeping your head dry on drizzly days, and comes in a stylish red and pink color combo.

Lacoste Women’s Oversize Hooded Windbreaker
Lacoste Women’s Oversize Hooded Windbreaker/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Its mesh lining will keep you cool during warmer days, while its 100% polyester fabric makes it suitable as an everyday water-resistant jacket. Rain or shine, you’ll be ready to face the day with this sleek windbreaker priced at Php ₱14,950.

Lacoste Women’s Oversize Hooded Windbreaker
The lightweight windbreaker features a hood to shield you from the rain/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Fendi Fashion Show Boots

Straight from Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2023 show are the “Fashion Show” boots. These knee-length platform shoes feature rounded toes in their playful design.

More importantly, the boots are made of patent leather, which is a virtually waterproof material. This way, the shoes can protect your lower calves from unwanted droplets and splashes. Adding to that are the boots’ high rubber soles, which are great for keeping pesky puddles at arm’s length.

The shoes come in white and blue variants, priced at around Php 95,074 ($1,690) per pair.

The blue variant of Fendi's Fashion Show boots
The blue variant of Fendi’s Fashion Show boots/Photo from the Fendi website
The white variant of Fendi's Fashion Show boots
The white variant of Fendi’s Fashion Show boots/Photo from the Fendi website

Patek Philippe’s 5167R Aquanaut Watch

When it was first launch in 1997, Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut line made waves with its modern and youthful design. To this day, the watch possesses a contemporary feel with its rounded octagonal face. As the name suggests, the chic self-winding timepiece is water-resistant. You can submerge the piece into water by 120 meters, which means it should handle stormy weather just fine.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch in rose gold (5167R)
The Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch in rose gold (5167R)/Photo from the Patek Philippe website

The Aquanaut comes in Patek Philippe’s signature “tropical” strap made from new composite material that’s ultra-resistant to wear, salt water, and UV radiation. The watch is available in white gold and stainless steel models.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch in rose gold (5167R) back
The back view of this sturdy and functional watch/Photo from the Patek Philippe website

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

Foundation is the, well, foundation of every great look. Choosing a product that provides full-day coverage is integral on rainy and humid days. Things like sweat and water can easily turn makeup into a runny, blotchy mess if you’re not using the right cosmetics.

That’s where Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation comes in. The potent foundation is completely waterproof, and humidity and sweat-resistant. In addition, its 24-hour wear means that you can say goodbye to streaking, poring, caking, settling, and excess oil for an entire day—which should be more than enough even for the busiest of women.

Besides 24-hour coverage, the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation also comes in more than 55 shades
The Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Offering medium to full coverage, the foundation comes in 30ml bottles and more than 55 different shades, which are priced at Php 2,700 each.

Phyto Phytodefrisant Anti-Frizz Touch-up Care

Frizzy hair is a frequent occurrence during the rainy season thanks to humidity and strong winds, but it doesn’t have to be. Phyto’s Phytodefrisant Anti-Frizz Touch-up Care is a go-to product for women on the go.

Fight the frizz with Phyto's Anti-Frizz Touch-up Care
Fight the frizz with Phyto’s Anti-Frizz Touch-up Care/Photo from the Rustan’s website

Protect your well-kempt locks with this sulfate-free smoothing brush that contains aloe vera and red seaweed extract. The handy solution shields hair from unruly frizz, humidity, static electricity, and everything in between. Priced at Php 1,250 per 50 mL bottle.

Banner photo by Jack Finnigan via Unsplash.

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