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There’s no need to check-in at a five-star hotel to experience what bathroom luxury really is

There are two kinds of people in this world. On one hand, there are those who are happy and content with what they have, unbothered with all the things they believe aren’t necessary. On the other, there are those who just can’t seem to stop pushing for something bigger and more luxurious. This includes guaranteeing that how they live their lives on a daily basis exceeds their own standards. With the SensoWash® i, Duravit’s shower-toilet line available as SensoWash® i Plus or Lite, surpassing its user’s expectations is effortless.

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High-end features you didn’t need until now

Something that’s considered to be a form of luxury doesn’t equate to having the simplest features. In fact, the fancier and more innovative the components are, the better. With the SensoWash® i, all versions have ways for the user to adjust the various features it has. These include the water temperature and intensity for the built-in bidet (Ladywash and Rearwash) and the warm air dryer. Also, the odor extraction and motion sensor of the seat cover can be done with the shower-toilet’s Plus version.

Intuitive and simple navigation

It’s evident that Duravit is no stranger to the technological advancements of this generation. This is why the features of SensoWash® i can easily be maneuvered with its state-of-the-art remote control and phone app. Not only can it control individual settings and comfort functions, but also store personal preferences in two different user profiles.

Minimalistic elegance

In principle, good design is quite simple. Developed by established architect and designer Philippe Starck, the SensoWash® i is both visually minimalist and technologically advanced. With its overall puristic and elegant look made of ceramic and stainless steel, it adds technical innovations by incorporating an electronic flushing system and modern bidet. It testifies to an entirely new feel not just for design, but hygiene, comfort, and high quality of life as well.

Prioritizing sustainability in this day and age

Seeing as enterprises are now focused on ensuring the sustainability of their products, it’s no surprise that Duravit is doing the same thing. The SensoWash® i offers an energy-saving mode that can be set with the app. One of which is the automatic shutting off of the heated seat feature when it has not been used for 48 hours. This easily establishes the SensoWash® i as a luxurious and renewable shower-toilet.

For more information, visit Duravit’s website or contact Duravit Asia Limited (Philippine Representative Office) at +632 8689-7179. You can also avail of Duravit’s products at these Kuysen showrooms: Main Showroom (+632 8740-7509), Kuysen Design + Experience Center (+632 8861-9646), CW Home Depot, Pasig City (+632 8638-5586), and MC Home Builders Depot BGC (+632 8815-6057).

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