Editor's Note: Unleashing The Radiance Within

Lifestyle Asia’s March 2024 issue of Alpha highlights the significance of a holistic approach to beauty with its cover star, Cristalle Belo.

As the vibrant hues of health and beauty paint our theme this month, I find myself embarking on a personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle. The decision to embrace a more fit and vibrant self by reducing my carbohydrate intake has been both challenging and enlightening. This path is not walked alone; I am accompanied by the radiant spirit and discipline of our cover girl, Cristalle Belo.

Candy Dizon (left) and Cristalle Belo (right)
Candy Dizon (left) and Cristalle Belo (right)/Photo by JL Javier

Observing Cristalle, more stunning and spirited than ever, I am struck by her holistic approach to beauty. It’s not just about the physical; it’s a deep, enriching journey that touches the mental and spiritual realms. Cristalle, with her ever-glowing presence and wisdom, graciously shares her beauty insights and routines on Instagram, becoming a beacon of inspiration for many, myself included. Her journey underscores the belief that true beauty emanates from a balanced, joyful, and healthy life.

This issue also shines a spotlight on Selene Gan, whose elegance and poise before the camera brings to life the stunning collection of Cherry Veric. Selene, the daughter of Dr. Steve Mark and Marilyn Gan, steps into the limelight with an ease and confidence that belies her years. Her involvement in this issue’s Runway feature is a celebration of emerging beauty and talent, perfectly encapsulating the essence of our theme.

Cristalle Belo with the team behind Lifestyle Asia Alpha's March 2024 cover story
Cristalle Belo with the team behind Lifestyle Asia Alpha’s March 2024 cover story/Photo by JL Javier

As we delve into this month’s focus on health and beauty, let us be reminded of the diverse and personal paths to achieving our goals. Inspired by Cristalle’s journey and the promise of new talent like Selene, let us explore the myriad ways we can enhance our own lives through wellness, beauty, and a touch of style. Here’s to a month of discovery, inspiration, and the joy of finding beauty in every aspect of our lives.

Cheers to a healthier us in 2024!


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