Elegant Drinking Glasses You Need For Your Holiday Tablescapes

As Christmas celebrations approach, here are elegant drinking glasses you must add to your tablescapes.

This year has severely limited our social interactions, making it impossible to celebrate Christmas the way we always did. Nevertheless, there is always room to get creative and come up with ways to make this season equally merry—starting with your holiday-themed tablescapes. Now, drinking glasses may not be the most essential pieces, however, these are what you and your guests continue to hold throughout the festivities, moving from space to space to continue the spirited conversations. So, having elegant drinking glasses elevates your fine dining experience, and here is a list of where you can get them.

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Medusa Glass
LEFT: Medusa Lumiere Haze Flute Glasses. RIGHT: Medusa D’or White Wine Glass Set. (Photos from Versace)


From clear champagne flutes, water goblets, wine glasses, to decanters, Versace has a wide plethora of designs. This year, they have Medusa D’or and Medusa Lumiere collections, each set bearing elaborate details and the signature mark of the luxury brand. For those looking for an antique feel, opt for the Medusa Lumière Haze glasses with touches of dark grey hues or fume. If you want touches of gold to go with your bronze-hued tableware, there are glasses lined with gold on the rim and the frosted head of Medusa supporting the body. No matter which set you choose, you can be assured no two pieces are the same.

Click here to view the entire collection.

Fornasetti Set 6 Glass Occhio E Bocca
Fornasetti Set 6 Glasses Occhio E Bocca. (Photo from Fornasetti)


It wouldn’t be a Fornasetti without its iconic design of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri’s portrait. The brand’s two sets of glasses embellish the singer’s face—one set features her entire face in different expressions while the other fixates on her facial features. Both designs are part of the Tema e Variazoni series, turning them into sought-after collector’s items.

Click here and here to view the different sets.

R+D.Lab Glass
LEFT: R+D.Lab X Lee Mathews set of two Luisa wine glasses. RIGHT: R+D.Lab set of two Nini glasses. (Photos from Matches Fashion)


With its modern appeal and sustainable designs, this creative studio is your go-to destination for fine glassware in strong hues. Their current collection carries glass tumblers, water goblets, wine, and carafe sets. While they have bold colors like sepia brown, Lyons blue, and Ottoman-red, there are clear and lighter ones for those opting for minimalism. Apart from the smooth silhouettes of the glasses, there are variations that come with ridged interiors and hexagonal forms for a contemporary verve.

Click here to view the collection.

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Reed & Barton Glass
LEFT: Reed & Barton Soho Martini Glass Set of 2 with Olive Picks. RIGHT: Reed & Barton Soho Toasting Flute Set of 2. (Photos from Rustan’s)

Reed & Barton

As part of the Lenox family of brands, you can expect the finest pieces from Reed & Barton. Their Soho collection features elegant tableware, cutlery, and crystal barware. For their drinking glasses, they have champagne flutes, highball, and martini types, each one carrying patterns of shimmering vertical lines running upward the body. The design evokes an eye-catching look, especially when the rays of light hit through the glass.

Click here to view the entire drinkware collection.

Luisa Beccaria gradient glass
Luisa Beccaria gradient glasses. (Photos from Matches Fashion)

Luisa Beccaria

Make your holiday tablescapes vibrant with the colored drinking glasses of this Italian luxury brand. Known for its romantic and feminine designs rooted in poetry, nature, art, it is no surprise that their tableware is equally sophisticated. From short-stemmed wine to water glasses, each set is crafted with an iridescent finish. Whether you prefer a single color or a gradient one, the glasses evoke an ethereal mood, perfect to add life to your tablescape.

Click here to view the glassware collection.

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