Holiday Dining: Tina Cuevas And Her Cozy Christmas Tablescape

Celebrations may not be big this year, but Tina Cuevas shows how to make it more memorable.

This season, celebrations are not as loud and splendid as they were last year. You may feel melancholic towards the lack of gatherings and social affairs. However, you can still draw in the holiday cheer in your home through your dining plans. Setting up a feast entails thoughtful preparation, especially with your tablescape. Known for her grandiose parties, Tina Cuevas shares all about her holiday tablescape. Although her plans this year don’t include setting up a magnificent table setup for many, what she created is equally opulent and wonderfulbearing her signature style for maximalism.

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Tina Cuevas.

As a hostess, Tina goes to great lengths in organizing her get-togethers, whether these are themed parties or simple dinners with friends. She is always hands-on in styling. “I love warm and cozy tablescapes,” she says, describing her personal aesthetic. She places emphasis on height and so she likes to use candles in different sizes and elevated trays that highlight the nibbles or desserts on top. To add a refreshing feel, she adds unique figurines, a combination of fresh and dried leaves, fruits, and printed runners. “It lets you achieve a relaxed but elegant feel,” she affirms.

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The mix of festive colors and the different textures create a captivating tablescape.
The golden cutlery evokes a sense of opulence, reflective of the season.

Boldly curated

For this year’s Christmas tablescape, she draws inspiration from the recent dinnerware collection she bought. “I will prepare a lot of elements that will match the dinnerware,” she starts. “[These are] elements like gold candelabras, Christmas balls, ferns, reindeer, and decorative canisters which I use as candle holders.”

A glance at her tablescape evokes a resplendent holiday feel, especially with the use of festive hues. While her dinnerware elicits a bold statement, the tealight candles, gold ornaments, and red berries induce warmth. This creates a beautiful contrast. The additions of the reindeer designs and figurines further add character to the table as well.

The plates in cold hues complement the warm centerpieces.

Balanced elements

“In doing tablescapes, it is very important to think it through very well,” Tina says. “The secret is creating a cohesive and complementing overall look by using colors that go well together with all the elements.” Such a piece of advice highlights the significance of studying colors and experimenting with their combinations.

Beyond the hues, textures are equally essential as well. Tina’s tablescape uses clear drinking glasses and so the rest of the table decor carries intricate designs and is composed of different shapes and characters to achieve a balanced look. Thus, Tina’s cozy Christmas tablescape is the perfect embodiment of a beautiful maximalist dining setup.

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