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Transcending mere material possessions, luxury living delves into elevating everyday experiences through signature styles, culinary delights, and exhilarating adventures.

Luxury is often rooted in extravagance and excess. Overtime, however, it has evolved to become innovative, distinct, and experiential. From embracing exquisite designs to indulging in extraordinary experiences, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Curate your journey to refinement with timeless fashion, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking destinations. 

Below are different ways to elevate your shopping, dining, and travel experiences wherever you are with EastWest’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

Making Signature Looks

As Coco Chanel once said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” There’s a reason why people are drawn to designer brands. Aside from its exclusivity and prestige, it provides comfort with its artistry, craftsmanship, and quality. Whether dressing up for a trip to the mall or simply visiting a friend, there’s a way to add a touch of luxury to your overall ensemble.

EastWest ensures our accessibility to luxury brands through Trunc.ph and ZALORA. Bringing you insights on global and local trends, discover the finest fashion styles and welcome more fabrics to your closet with your EastWest Visa Platinum. Make every purchase more rewarding with EastWest’s exclusive offers. At the same time, you can enjoy an 8.88% cashback on your purchases at Trunc.ph and ZALORA. 

For international purchases, EastWest has a low foreign currency conversion fee of 1.70%, allowing you to save on unnecessary add-on charges whenever you shop abroad.

Ultimate Dining Experience

A culinary journey is about unique dining and drinking experiences. The desire to refine our palate with complex flavors and ingredients brings a multi-sensory experience filled with delight.

EastWest Visa Platinum takes us on a journey of culinary adventures where everyday is a reason to feast and celebrate.

Dine at Bistro Charlemagne and indulge in a delectable Braised Pork Belly on-the-house for a minimum spend of Php1,495 for EastWest Visa Platinum cardholders. For life’s special affairs, wine is the perfect complement as it enhances distinct food flavors. With an EastWest Visa Platinum, get 25% off for a minimum single-receipt transaction of Php2,500 at Barcino Wine Resto Bar. 

You may also enjoy 50% off at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and Wild Flour Italian with a minimum single-receipt spend of Php5,000, and 50% off at Little Flour Café and Pink’s Burgers & Hotdogs with a minimum single-receipt spend of Php3,000.

Whether dining out with friends or ordering food to share through an app, enjoy an additional 8.88% cashback with EastWest Visa Platinum.

Anywhere in the World

Traveling to see the world is a one-of-a-kind experience. Liberating and empowering, you immerse yourself in different cultures and traditions, meet new people, and navigate new landscapes with a fresh perspective. 

EastWest Visa Platinum allows you to travel on your own terms. Whether for business or pleasure, an opportunity to drive away with exclusive discounts and privileges from Hertz presents itself. Exploring the countryside, here or abroad, you are also rewarded with an 8.88% cashback when you use your EastWest Visa Platinum for fuel and travel-related expenses such as flight bookings, accommodations, and vehicle rentals.

Getting to the destination of your choice means learning all about that country. In Korea, part of this encounter is wearing and renting their traditional or themed hanboks at 30% off for Visa cardholders.  This immersive offer provides a cultural experience that will forever be etched into memory.

A luxurious getaway, even locally, has its advantages. The Philippines’ beaches are a beauty on their own with their sparkling blue waters and fine white sands. With one of the best balcony views of the tropics, Crimson Resort and Spa at Station Zero has exclusive offers for EastWest Visa Platinum cardholders.  

A complimentary travel accident and inconvenience insurance of up to Php20 million is also available when you use your EastWest Visa Platinum to book your flights.

Elevate your shopping, dining and travel experience with EastWest Visa Platinum and live the life you truly deserve. 

Apply for an EastWest Visa Platinum now and get Php5,000 bonus cashback upon reaching your first Php10,000 retail spend within two (2) months from card activation date if you apply via the EastWest website or ESTA, the EastWest System Tech Assistant.

*8.88% cashback is subject to a monthly cap of Php1,250. Terms and conditions apply. Visit EastWest Visa Platinum features for more info. 

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