Live Out an Adventure Exploring the Many Colors of Canada

Experience the many interesting facets of British Columbia’s must-visit destinations

In visiting British Columbia, one can expect to see ranges of majestic mountains and upscale towns littered with shops and restaurants. Yet apart from these major tourist destinations in Canada, there are other gems you can explore within the westernmost province. From tasting different food made of goat cheese to exploring the mosaic of arts, culture, and entertainment in a single district, your stay in the Northern part of America will undoubtedly be one for the books.

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Goat cheese stall. (Photo by Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason)

Sea to Sky

Vancouver, the west coast city in British Columbia, boasts of wonderful outdoors and Canadian hospitality. It is the perfect retreat if you want to escape from the bustling city of Manila. Among the top places to visit here is the Salt Spring Island, the up and coming “it” destination. With its Saturday farmers’ market and outdoor activities, it is truly perfect for a Utopia-like retreat. They have a Salt Spring Island Cheese Company where you can taste their handcrafted artisan goat and sheep cheese. You and your family can enjoy the rest of your day in small cafés indulging in pasta, ice-cream, and pizza made from goat cheese. To get to the island, you can simply ride a ferry from Tsawwassen Port or a Sea Plane ride from Downtown Vancouver.

Read the full travel story of Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason in Lifestyle Asia’s November 2019 edition titled, “Purpose in Philanthropy.”

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Cheese stall. (Photo by Ina Yulo)

A mosaic of colors

Canada may be known as the home of the famed Niagara Falls, Lake Louise, and the scenic city of Montreal. Yet the province of Ontario is another thrilling place to visit. It houses over 250,000 freshwater lakes and an interesting mosaic of cultures and flavors that will make your trip unforgettable. St. Lawrence Market is one of the must-visit destinations that a few years ago, National Geographic had named it the best food market in the world. It makes sense as it houses artisan vendors like Carousel Bakery. Their famous peameal bacon sandwich is to-die-for, together with the fish and chips of Buster’s Sea Cove and authentic Greek souvlakis and moussaka of Yianni’s Kitchen.

From satiating your appetite with a variety of flavors, you can walk into the Distillery District. Galleries and boutiques line up along the colorful street art-filled walkway where exhibits can show you wildlife photography. Ontario Spring Water Sake Company can also give you a taste of its unpasteurized and freshly-pressed Muskoka-sourced spring water. There are also retail portions where you can see exquisite ceramic ware and glassware. This district is truly a must-visit for intersecting arts, culture, and entertainment.

Read the full travel story of Ina Yulo in Lifestyle Asia’s November 2019 edition titled, “Purpose in Philanthropy.”

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