Those Feeling Stuck or Lost Might Find Guidance at Soul Spa PH

From receiving guidance to manifesting desires, energy healing can help one maneuver life.

“I honestly feel everybody has a third eye,” says Katrina Holigores, energy healer and teacher. Beyond clairvoyance, she believes some have good intuition, a gift that is similar to how people have different talents.

Coming from a family of mediums or those with the ability to mediate between humans and spirits, she grew up in touch with ‘otherworldly’ experiences. This led her to take up energy healing and eventually open Soul Spa PH where people can receive guidance through readings and healing sessions.

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Soul Spa PH with Katrina Holigores
Katrina Holigores.

Rising from a need

Although Holigores was working as a producer and content creator, the pandemic halted assignments and gave way for reconnecting with friends. “I noticed that there were more people who were asking me for help for reading… and I said, maybe this is something I should revisit because there were just too many opportunities.”

The continuous quarantine measures drive people into mental health struggles. Be it anxiety, stress, depression, or burnout, these common problems have increased in the past year. The energy healer sees these sprouting from the reality that people’s lives—personal, work, social, and even love, are all in one place. “It’s about riding the wave of either wanting to still have your own power or having your own space within an already crowded space,” she explains.

On the other side of the spectrum, some are feeling increasingly lonely. Given the inability to meet new people or friends and relatives who live far away, people are craving for connection, especially physical ones. “We are social beings by nature,” she affirms. These struggles ultimately led her to return to her healing roots.

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Energy clearing sessions

If one is new to this type of healing, she recommends starting with an energy meeting first. “If you’ve been feeling stuck where you are, if you’ve been feeling a little low or if you’ve been feeling confused, then let’s clear that out first.” She says everything begins with energy and so understanding this opens up other concerns that need to be addressed.

Angel readings are also part of what Soul Spa offers. Be it guardian angels, archangels, and more, the readings are messages from them that tell people their present, future, and what they can do about their situation.

From tarot, Angel Oracle that can tell the future, romance for love and relationships, to the two new decks of cards Holigores has yet to open, she is helping people gain guidance from the celestial intermediaries. However, this reading is an optional session that can be taken two days after the energy meeting.

After opening up and having a clear understanding of one’s situation, she shares, “When you really, really wish for something to happen and you don’t know how you can get in that proper mindset or attitude to achieve it, then we do manifestation.” While there are different ways to do this, the energy healer teaches an exercise that one can do in their own time.

For those feeling stuck, she suggests doing space clearing. “I remove things that may be affecting your growth or your peace of mind, etc.” be it in the workplace, living situation, and more.

For pet parents, Soul Spa PH offers animal healing as well.

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All about guidance

Whether one is new or has been taking healing sessions for a long time, Holigores says, “they can expect guidance that comes from a higher place. It’s guidance that has no judgment because we’re all dealing with issues.”

While energy healers can give readings, she emphasizes that “everything can be worked on.” No matter what they say, it must be taken with a grain of salt as they can also misinterpret things. “We’re not God,” she firmly says. “What we give you is guidance. They are probabilities and some possibilities, but they’re not written in stone. They’re not the only way to do certain things.” She strongly advises doing research as well.

During her sessions, she prefers telling the advice or readings directly and safely as possible. “It’s an opportunity for them to reopen their hearts and minds if they’ve had to close them out in order to protect themselves from getting hurt or traumatized from getting disappointed.”

In a time when it is easy to feel hopeless, Holigores says it is a natural feeling, one that is experienced by many others. “I hear you,” she says. “All you need to do really is ask for help… [it] is not a weakness.” She maintains this is the best way to cope with the pandemic “because it gives you that sign that you do want things to get better—that will make the situation no longer hopeless.”

To book a session, message Soul Spa PH on their Instagram.

Banner Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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