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Energy healer and Tirta Spa Boracay’s En Calvert says that sound healing can address and apparently “dissolve” PTSD or childhood traumas.

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For those seeking solace from hectic city life, from tumultuous emotions triggered by sorrowing experiences, Boracay’s a haven that’s just less than an hour’s flight away. 

Due (but not limited) to its powdery white sands, lush coconut trees, global guests, and welcoming locals, Boracay’s one of the country’s most celebrated islands. The hotspot for nightlife and relaxation is now mainly for the latter since the Visayas island’s closure for rehabilitation in 2018. 

When you there intend to rejuvenate, Tirta Spa Boracay offers therapies that are focusing on “the art of cleansing oneself from negativity to achieve a whole new sense of wellness and a higher level of tranquility.”

Energy healer, teacher, and trainer En Calvert / Photo from Tirta Spa’s Facebook page

With a specialty in sound healing, Tirta’s spa director and founding owner En Calvert says that it is a simple form of meditation using therapeutic tones from Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tingsha bells, and chimes that may balance your brainwaves. 

“The sacred sound will be beneficial for an exhausted or heavily burdened mind. It has a soothing, hypnotic effect on the brain and body,” Calvert shares. “[It relieves] physical and mental stress while dispelling negative energy at the same time.”

Calvert is a certified sound healing master teacher who graduated with multiple diplomas from internationally recognized centers such as the International Therapy Examination Council and Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.

During an sound healing session at Tirta Spa Boracay (Photo from Tirta Spa’s Facebook page)

“I took my Reiki course in South Africa and basic Ayurvedic in [SPA College institute] Hong Kong, then continued to learn it more in Kerala, India.” 

In 2007, Calvert conceptualized, founded, and opened Tirta Spa Boracay. Since then, the holistic healing spa has garnered recognition from the World Luxury Spa Awards, TripAdvisor for the Hall of Fame and Excellence awards, and Singapore’s Crystal Awards. 

Positive intentions

According to Calvert, who initially worked in Hong Kong’s airline industry, sound healing can address and eventually “dissolve” PTSD or childhood traumas. She shares that when a practitioner has positive intentions, the sound waves diffuse and penetrate the client to achieve healing through pure intent. 

“The vibrations produced by the singing bowls have wonderful healing effects. The sound waves massage the body internally, relax the muscles and rejuvenate the cells and tissues,” the healer shares.

In a session facilitated by Calvert, she will start by preparing for the healing by engaging in rituals and invocations. “I ask for healing assistance from the Divine, the highest healing power (using Pranic Healing), and angels. Then I will start with Palo Santo smudging with Reiki symbols and salt rituals spilling.”

If the session is in her spa room, located within Tirta, she will ask participants to get into a grounding bowl to clean, balance, treat and purify their root chakras. 

Chakras are “complex and ancient” energy systems in your body. Your root chakras are one of seven main energy points. According to New Age philosophies, the root chakra is located at the base of your spine and holds your physical identity, stability, and balance within your being. 

After the first part of the grounding ritual, the participants or the receiver lay down in a comfortable position, on either a thick mattress or a yoga mat,” Calvert narrates.” The healer then puts some soft cushions and pillows under their neck to give proper comfort.”

She adds that the room’s ambiance must be comfortable, and candles for ambient light, fresh flowers for natural fragrance, and oil lamps are situated in the healing room. Then, the sound bath will begin and continue with the chanting of relieving mantras. 

Physical and mental healing 

Calvert shares that chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel or vortexes of energy.” The major chakra is the energy center and serves as an entry point for the life energy into our body.

“The major chakra corresponds to various organs of the body but also controls and affects a person’s spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental, as well as financial situations and conditions,” the spa director explains, comparing the chakra system to electrical power lines. 

About its effect on our well-being, Calvert says that our chakras should be cleansed often. She adds that sound healing therapy can balance all major and more minor chakras in our energy system. 

Calvert shares that sound healing can be for everyone of all ages and those with physical and mental struggles. Although she highly recommends the therapy to the public, Calvert says you just have to have an open mind about energy healing.

For more information, follow Tirta Spa Boracay on Instagram and Facebook.

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