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Just a couple of years since Brad Pitt, Cristina Patwa, and John Fogelman founded Enroot, the farm-to-bottle ritual has started to enjoy mainstream recognition.

Previously only available in the United States, the award-winning beverage company is beginning to take root in select luxury establishments in other countries.

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This is no doubt thanks to the James Beard chefs who crafted the five-flavor collection of cold brew teas. In doing so, they have likewise curated the recipe for success.

According to Patwa, Enroot chief executive officer, the brand sowed the seeds at just the right time. Now, it’s well on its way to success, fitting enough to its double entendre (en route and enroot).

Cris Patwa

“Sometimes I will get letters and email or direct messages from people who have moved to becoming sober, who are cancer survivors, who are people who have struggled with their diabetes or their obesity. I will get these long, thoughtful letters… And then [Enroot drinks] help the people who actually are on health journeys and can’t have chemicals, can’t have sugars,” Patwa tells Lifestyle Asia.

Bearing fruit

From the beginning, the goal of the culinary lifestyle brand was for its organic sparkling wellness teas to become readily available in the best restaurants, hotels, and retailers in America, then ultimately the world. It’s now a step closer to its dream.

“I’m excited to help introduce Patwa and Enroot to the Philippines and its talented chef community. We both share our love for where our hearts are rooted,” Enroot executive chairwoman Sheila Lirio Marcelo says.

She explained that what drew her to the company was Patwa’s passion to infuse the experience of growing up in the Philippines into personal knowledge of building successful brands with creative leaders.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

In the same vein, Patwa hopes to relate the curated small-batch, three-day slow cold brew experience to her fellow Filipinos. In fact, she draws inspiration from her grandmother, a small-scale farmer and food entrepreneur in the Philippines.

​​”I’m praying that we can get distribution and actually make our way to the Philippines…because it would feel so full circle to me to have it at home where my grandmother was,” Patwa explains.

She invites other Filipinos to help bring the Enroot experience home. They can do this by sharing stories of how it has helped people tread the path to a healthier lifestyle.


“I want Enroot to feel like ours. And I need your help in sharing what Enroot feels like and what it could be. I don’t own Enroot. It’s owned by everybody involved. I would love for you to take it on in whatever life you’d like to lead,” Patwa concludes.

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