Discover Holistic Wellness Escape at The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito partners with European Wellness Center to deliver the ultimate holistic wellness journey.

I eat clean—at least I try to, eighty percent of the time. I workout 6 days a week, sometimes two times a day. I sleep 6-8 hours a day. I thought I was perfectly healthy. To further elaborate, my days are full of meetings, calls, messages, and events, but I still manage to insert a workout in between appointments. My mind works the moment I wake up at around eight in the morning, constantly reading through my email inbox with endless messages up to the time I tuck myself in bed. So basically, I work 12 hours a day, or at least my mind is. I thought I was giving myself enough self-care and love, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. This, and many realizations in just two days of being away from the metro.

I’ve always been fond of The Farm at San Benito. It’s always been my quick and easy escape from the stresses of city living. Leave in the morning from Makati, it would take about two to two and a half hours to get there. It really is a much-needed getaway. Before you reach it, I suggest you open the window and inhale the freshness of Batangas’ air while your eyes feast on the tranquil picture of abundant verdure. When I go to The Farm, it is always to rest, detox, rejuvenate, and of course, to tan. But this time, my sole purpose was wellness. The Farm at San Benito, after all, is a world leader in holistic medical wellness.

The Farm’s natural delights include exotic birds walking around the area.

The moment we arrived, after a quick check-in process, we went immediately to Alive! Restaurant, The Farm’s source of organic and vegan nourishment. I was very hungry from my intermittent fasting daily routine. The food that they serve here effectively prepared me for my intended detox and cleansing. Plant-based, whole food, vegan cuisine is their specialty. It may sound bland and boring, but I can attest that it is actually quite the opposite. I was always looking forward to my meals. And since it has been a while since I went to The Farm, I noticed that the menu has changed a lot. There are more diverse choices on the menu. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian—I love meat, especially steak, but having tried their dishes made me feel like I can stay longer than two days just eating their vegan food fare. Honestly.

Since my focus was really about wellness—on how I can further become healthier in all aspects, I wanted a complete diagnosis not only of my body but of my mind as well. I went to the Holistic Sanctuary and stayed there the whole afternoon. The Farm partnered with European Wellness to complement its health programs, thereby providing evidence-informed holistic diagnosis and solutions. I was met by Dr. Annie Akiyama, who is as beautiful as she is intelligent. She gave me an orientation and discussed my program for my wellness weekend.

The Holistic Sanctuary.

My Wellness Diagnosis

My wellness journey started with a wellness consultation and health assessment. The Farm partnered with European Wellness Center to have access to comprehensive diagnostics and treatment machines. The assessment I went through includes the Bio-Med Scan, Bio Medi Pulse Body Check, and the Oligo scan (or the Heavy Metal Testing). The Bio-Med Scan and Pulse Body Check are the latest biological diagnostic devices that efficiently and reliably monitor the overall health status and well-being of patients.

My results reveal that I’m normal and my autonomic nervous system is balanced. However, my energy levels are low and I have accumulated stress with my brain assessment highlighted in red at 70-80%. I may sleep around six to eight hours but perhaps the quality of my sleep is poor. To top it all, my biological age is higher than my chronological age! I may look ten years younger than my real age (and so I say) but my internal is actually older than my real age. I was beyond surprised because as I have mentioned, I thought I was perfectly healthy.

The sauna options at The Farm include an oriental, infrared, and steam room.

After this, I did the Oligo Scan, which revealed my heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies. The most distressing is the fact that I have too much aluminum, which might be because of my water and food consumption which are both high in additives, and various cosmetics like toothpaste and deodorant with high aluminum content. I am deficient in magnesium, and physiologically, my intestines are not in the best state which explains my digestion difficulties. My test results warrant repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration. What an enlightening experience.

Since my time at ‘The Farm’ is just only for two days, we had to cramp all the treatments I needed in the given time. But I suggest three days will be best for this kind of wellness journey, giving also enough time to do the plethora of fitness activities they have daily.

The partnership with European Wellness Center (EWC) brought in state-of-the-art European technology, including advanced stem-cell therapies and medical services. As a global brand leader in Regenerative Medicine, EWC is now the evidence-based arm of The Farm. They involve science and technology in the process of complete healing of mind, body, and soul.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

From the initial assessment of The Farm and European Wellness Center staff, I was brought in to undergo different detoxification treatments. The first therapy is a sealed chamber that may seem daunting especially if you are claustrophobic. But it is the most efficient method of transporting oxygen to the cells throughout the body. You are placed inside a pressurized chamber for forty minutes to breath oxygen under pressure. The main objective is to deliver oxygen in body fluids in the different organs, therefore, providing them with tremendous healing benefits.

Alive! Restaurant is an award-winning locale for vegan and vegetarian options.

Rasha Morphogenic Scalar Frequency

After being in the Hyperbaric chamber, I was led to another room where I was told to relax, sleep, and meditate. A pair of headphones were placed over my head as I laid down the bed to prepare me for rejuvenation therapy. European Wellness Center recognizes the need for Cellular Therapy. After being in the business for more than 55 years, they developed and honed expertise at therapies like The Rasha treatment. It is an energetic machine device that transmits Rasha MorphogeneticFrequencies that destroy detrimental foreign materials like cancer cells, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. Basically, when a cell is resonated with the same frequency, the cell is destroyed. As for me, my ‘Rasha’ frequency provided ample stimulus to relax and calm my brain, and frequencies that have been studied to promote lymphatic drainage and decrease the free radical build up in the body to detox my system. Wow, technology seems to have really gone a long way.

IV Laser Therapy

While I was doing Rasha, IV Red light therapy was administered to me. Low-Level laser light is introduced directly into my vein. The benefits of such include improvement in overall performance, improvement in sleep, and a positive impact on the general mood. It gives the cell capacity to perform its function, regenerates damaged tissue, strengthens the immune system, and improves oxygen circulation without any pain at all.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an effective method of transporting oxygen to cells throughout the body.

IV Myer’s Athletic Performance Enhancement Drip

A special mix of different vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and homeopathic remedies tailor-fit to my mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The goal is to supplement and correct my nutritional deficiencies. It also contains essential amino acids that my body needs to help sustain muscle mass since I workout a lot. Imagine, based on my results, they concocted this special cocktail of nutrients to correct my imbalances and deficiencies instantly.

Overall, the Rasha, Laser Therapy, and the IV drip took about one and a half hours while I just slept. The room is wrapped in a glass wall facing the forest. It was indeed complete relaxation. I took a break after and relaxed by the pool area, which was followed by a sumptuous healthy dinner. With a sixty-minute break, they then recommended me to avail of The Farm’s signature massage.

‘Hilot’ Massage

It was an hour and a half of pure bliss. The therapist applied the perfect amount of pressure I wanted—hard, but still relaxing enough, concentrating on my upper and lower back. The masseuse was very professional and really knew what she was doing. My muscles felt totally relaxed through the nourishing strokes of the therapist and this put me into a deep sleep.

I woke up rejuvenated, felt more energetic and lighter. I normally don’t eat breakfast as I do intermittent fasting to reduce fat in my body, as recently, my body fat percentage increased. And this increase is one of the reasons why I wanted to have a wellness retreat.

The stunning countryside was a sight to behold.

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy

I started my morning with the aqua lymphatic therapy. There are several benefits of this—reduction of swelling, detoxification, regeneration of tissue, and a much-appreciated relief from chronic fatigue and sinusitis, to name a few. The minimum is a sixty-minute therapy but you can choose one of these longer options: 90 minutes, 120 minutes, or the longest, 180 minutes. It started with dry body brushing. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but you can ask the therapist to adjust the pressure. This is supposed to take out the dead cells off the skin and improve lymphatic circulation. Believe it or not, the brushing also reduces cellulite and is also very calming.

After which I was taken to the sauna area. I was surprised that they have three choices: an infrared sauna, an oriental sauna, and a steam bath. I tried the infrared sauna which is not common here. The oriental and steam are the more visible options in most spas, fitness centers, and hotels. The infrared sauna is used to detoxify both metal and chemical contaminants from our bodies. It basically heats the body internally unlike others where you will feel more of the heat outside. This, for me, is an excellent treatment that even enhances the immune system, relieves your cardiovascular system, and promotes eight and cellulite management, amongst others. Of course, to end every sauna session is the cold bucket shower which is literally an ice-cold bucket above my head that felt like the ice bucket challenge!

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Lounging at the pool area of the spa after Aqua Lymphatic Therapy.

I was so excited to try the next one, called the Pressure Pool. It has four steps. The first and second stations involve Water Acupressure. It is simplified acupuncture without the needles. Wow. The first one is water pressure for your upper back. This is where the pressure of the water is at its lightest. Then after two to three minutes, I proceeded to the next one.

It has a much stronger pressure for my shoulder and lower back, which at times are slightly painful. It improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension and stiffness which I need since I work out a lot. It enhances sleeping ability too.

Next, are the Ring Water Treatment and the Water Bed Treatment which has the same effect but has different and strong targeted points much like a laser, stimulating back and umbilical fats. The Water Bed Treatment is the most relaxing of them all. I can actually sleep during the treatment. It was so calming as the bed is facing the forest. I took a bath after and the therapy ended with a relaxing thermal foot therapy and massage at the thermal bed while having a relaxing back massage at the same time—I can get used to this.

It was a great start to my morning. I lounged at the pool area of the spa after and enjoyed the morning sun. I was already excited to head to Alive! Restaurant, thinking of what to order as soon as I finished a fasted workout, with all the things I went through.

Ozone Therapy

I spent the afternoon once again at the holistic sanctuary. The highlight of my afternoon was Ozone Therapy. I sat down in a very comfortable chair facing the vast greenery of the estate. My vein was attached to a machine that extracted 200 ml of my blood. My blood was very dark and clotted fast because my blood is dehydrated. I was surprised to know that I lacked hydration, meaning I did not drink enough water as I should be. After the machine extracted blood from me, the machine infused my blood with ozone or O3. It is an activated form of oxygen. It increases oxygenation of cells, modulation of the immune system, and energy production in the cells, and reduces acidity, even killing cancer cells in the body. This therapy is only among the fascinating and innovative technology of the European Wellness Center to expand holistic medical wellness.

I had a second round of my Rasha Treatment for weight loss. It targeted the satiety centers, the part of the brain that tells you that you are full and controls unnecessary cravings. Isn’t that amazing? Because I really need to reduce my body fat. Dr. Annie also was proactive enough, suggesting another round of IV drip while doing Rasha to boost my immune system with anti-oxidants.

My holistic wellness concluded with a final consultation with Dr. Annie. She analyzed my results and explained the next steps. More importantly, she summarized my areas for improvement and how I can further address these concerns when I leave the farm. Now, that’s exceptional service. Follow-through is quite important for all our wellness journeys.

Meditation Pavilion.

I had an amazing two days fully packed with treatments at The Farm and it was relaxing and rejuvenating—I could not ask for more. I could have stayed for several more days but I have to face reality. I have to go back to work and get on with my responsibilities.

I try to have a monthly vacation whenever I can just to reset, relax, and re-energize. This was indeed the perfect and ultimate weekend wellness getaway, most especially if you are stressed from your active and busy lifestyle. Dr. Annie was amazing in explaining everything and being there throughout my journey. All the staff at The Farm were very welcoming and courteous. Truly a world-class service in the Philippines we can all be proud of.

I can’t wait to get back to The Farm. I can now say that I have healed and transformed—but it doesn’t stop there. The therapies of the European Wellness Center encouraged me to think of the future when I can reap the benefits of the treatments. Now, I am more conscious of the needs of my mind and body as well as the other lifestyle changes I need to live better. I hope, with your visits to The Farm, your wellness journeys start as well, just like mine did.

Photos from Lifestyle Asia’s July 2019 Edition, titled “Visionaries in their Own Right.”

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