Private Haven: Pinky Tobiano Says Her New Vacation Home in Batangas 'Has a Magic on Its Own' - Suite Life

“It has the highest energy vortex, which allows you to commune with nature.”

Located at The Farm at San Benito, a medical wellness resort in Batangas, Pinky Tobiano built her vacation home to be one with nature. As a busy chemist and CEO of Progressive Laboratories, philanthropist, wife, mother, and tablescape enthusiast, it’s where she can recenter.

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“The Farm is the perfect place for me because of their philosophy, and the people are truly warm and very hospitable. The place has a magic of its own. I can relax, meditate, and work very well here. It has the highest energy vortex, which allows you to commune with nature,” Tobiano tells Lifestyle Asia.

Tobiano’s vacation home serves as her rest house after receiving treatments abroad

She continues that The Farm “is best for people with auto-immune challenges and fibromyalgia because they offer so many treatments from Colema to acupuncture and water wellness therapy.”

Tobiano is a cancer survivor. The home is also where she recuperates after treatments from Mt. Elizabeth
hospital in Singapore.

Tobiano also worked with architect Bong Recio and Charina Javier

Abundant space

Just behind her four-bedroom villa is Mt. Malarayat, which includes a body of water in front. According to the chemist, in Feng Shui, these details make the location a place of luck and aligned energies.

After consulting with her husband, Juancho, they agreed on acquiring the property. In fact, initially, the spot wasn’t for sale. It towers at the highest point of The Farm, which was reserved for resort guests. Nevertheless, Preet Singh, The Farm’s general manager, offered it to Tobiano, given she’s the resort’s brand ambassador.

Tobiano described her home’s design as a place of “contemporary luxury with a touch of modern Filipino detail.”

Tobiano worked with architect Bong Recio with Charina Javier and interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario of
Atelier Almario—she points out that a good team was her “must-have” for building her private haven.

Power and elegance

With an aesthetic she describes, the home is a contemporary luxury with a touch of modern Filipino detail, and is also outfitted by installation artist Jinggoy Buencuseo’s piece “Soar High.”

With a mountain and a body of water near the house, the chemist says this bodes well for the home’s Feng Shui

“It is a masterpiece. It means unstoppable success to the people living in the home. Another is the Anita
Magsaysay Ho plates for Bernardaud,” Tobiano says. “The Almario Sisters used them to create this modern Filipino
touch of power and elegance as you enter my home.”

The entrepreneur is also a tablescape enthusiast who uses her talent to host events for friends and family. Tobiano’s tablescape Instagram account @ tablelovebypinky has over 1.1 million followers who enjoy posts of her recent projects.

The new vacation home is where Tobiano “manifests peace, prosperity, good health, and abundance”

Because of this, of course, the vacation home is equipped with elements for hosting. “One of the beautiful features in my home is my large dining table with handmade leafpatterned legs. This is one of the pieces I invested in for the design, and also, it is intended for me to tablescape,” Tobiano shares.

She continues: “I would love to have intimate friends over for cocktails or dinner, and I would love to do healthy sunset cocktails while having a good conversation with friends.”

The space is designed by Ivy and Cynthia Almario of Atelier Almario

Now that her villa in nature is complete, Tobiano says, “my vacation home is my private haven where I commune with the energies of the universe to manifest peace, prosperity, good health, and abundance.”

Photos by ED SIMON of Studio 100

This story was first published in the April 2022 issue of Lifestyle Asia.

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