Experience Niyama: Anya Resort's New Wellness Center Where Your Well-Being Blossoms -

Gracefully crafted from an evolving awareness of providing timely, flexible, and adaptive offerings for guests who value genuine and distinctively Filipino hospitality.

Anya Resort Tagaytay’s new wellness center is founded on an ethos that allows our sense of well-being to blossom while improving our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Niyama Wellness Center was officially launched during “A Journey to Holistic Wellness” on October 5 to 6 at Anya Resort Tagaytay

According to Carol Laguna, corporate wellness and spa director, “Niyama Wellness Center anchors its philosophy and purpose on five pillars comprising the Niyama Experience namely, the spa, integrative treatments, inner journeys, movement, and soul menu.”

A toast to the newly launched Niyama Wellness Center: Anya Resort Tagaytay General Manager, Mikel Arriet; Dr. JP Prado-Osteopathic Specialist; Carol Laguna – Anya Hospitality Group Corporate Wellness and Spa Director; Marilen Elizalde – yogini, aromatherapist, health and wellness enthusiast and founder of UMA; Santiago Elizalde – Roxaco Land Corporation President and CEO; Dr. Ariel Baira – European Wellness Retreat Medical Director; Juan Roca – Anya Hospitality Group Managing Director; Lia Bernardo – Founder and lead educator of Atma Prema Wellbeing Group; Malou Araneta – Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator of Atma Prema Wellbeing Group

Bhem Meijer of Il Fiore, Carol Laguna, and Melody Amacio, Anya Resort Tagaytay’s Resort Manager

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Armina Mangune, Anya Hospitality Group Marketing Communications Manager; Abigail Galguerra, Anya Hospitality Group Director of Sales and Marketing; Minoll Alano, Philippine Hotel Owners Association Inc. Office Manager and
Sharlene Zabala-Batin, Department of Tourism NCR Regional Director

The Spa features treatments and experiences such as massage therapies, scrubs, and spa indulgences using locally sourced natural ingredients that actively support sustainability and conscientious efforts. The Niyama Signature Massage is highly recommended with its warm bamboo sticks bringing comfort, relaxation, and relief. 

Niyama Reception Area

For couples looking for some quality time together can try the Couple’s Harmony, described as “a soothing and soulful journey that begins with a relaxing Foot Bath ritual followed by an indulgent Milk Bath which ends with the blissful Niyama Signature Massage.

IV Therapy Area

The Ultimate Glow Scrub is perfect for those craving for radiant skin as the treatment removes dead skin cells and impurities while offering scrub options like coffee, salt, and sugar.

Integrative Treatments 

According to Anya Resort Tagaytay, “The Integrative Treatments are founded on Niyama Wellness Center’s purpose of promoting a better quality of life and a collaboration with biological wellness company, European Wellness Retreat (EWR) ensuring optimization of one’s health and well-being, rooted in principles of European biological medicine and their specialized cellular health programs.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The brand elaborates, “As building blocks to better health, EWR’s Biological Body Scan is a German made screening instrument assessing personal bio markers, such as automatic nervous system, diet, lifestyle, stress, and psycho emotional levels, adaptation,  determining an individual’s current health status, and revealing one’s biological  age versus common chronological age.”

Infrared Bioresonance Therapy

For detoxification, Infrared Bioresonance Therapy by EWR utilizes light to raise the body’s internal temperature without heating the air round, unlike a conventional sauna. With continuous sessions, benefits include better immune and respiratory health, as well as glowing skin.  

Colon Hydrotheraphy Treatment Area

An established treatment efficiently bringing pure oxygen to cells and tissues,  EWR’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) simulates a pressurized environment allowing our bodies to increase the amount of oxygen carried by blood; a series of sessions treats a number of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, chronic anaerobic infections, burns and slow healing injuries and improves overall  immune health.  

Event host Lexi Schulze Berenguer-Testa

Inner Journeys 

Inner Journeys are seasonal  retreats and workshops in partnership with noted wellness specialists and champions, enhancing Niyama Wellness Center’s experiential and life-resetting offers.  The activities under Inner Journeys are meaningful opportunities for reflection,  meditation, engagement, support and quiet transformation for participants  seeking to reset and reconnect the body, mind and spirit.

Marilen Elizalde gives a wellness talk during the launch of Niyama Wellness Center: “A Journey to Holistic Wellness”


Movement is an integral pillar of the Niyama Experience, constituting both essential fitness and mindful  movement.

Guests indulged in a gentle early morning yoga session led by Marilen Elizalde

The brand shares, “With the resort’s heated swimming pool, gym and rolling surroundings, guests need not to miss a workout to burn calories during a vacation.” Some of these movement activities include Yoga, Tai Chi, and private sessions are also possible.  

Energized after the yoga class: Carol Laguna, the author, Marilen Elizalde, Beni Gomez, Marge Enriquez, Juan Roca, Aliza Apostol-Goco,
Kim Buot-Sindac, and Mylene Mendoza

Soul Menu 

A rich and conscientious selection of healthy choices, featuring  nutritious seasonal ingredients that improve general bodily conditions and gut health are available through the resort’s Soul Menu.

Anya Resort’s Executive Chef Chris Leaning

The F&B team is continuously introducing healthier proposals  that will make mindful eating enjoyable and memorable.  

Refreshing juice from the live juice bar station during the Niyama launch event

Niyama Wellness Center is located in Anya Resort Tagaytay.

For more information and appointments please contact Niyama Wellness reception (Villa #1004) 0998.595.2125.

Visit anyaresorts.com to learn more.

Photos courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay.

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