Experience the Irresistible Allure and Sophistication of Your Next Island Getaway at Aqua Boracay

Whether you simply want to relax and unwind or you want to have fun in a luxurious party, this resort can fulfill your best-of-both-worlds dream vacation.

Along with the re-opening of Boracay, came beautiful developments not only on the roads of the island and the pristine white beach itself. Resorts that have been in the region for years rode through the wave of positive change and improved their facilities as well. At present, one may find it tough to choose among the resorts that best suits your taste and needs. Yet for the young and sophisticated traveler, you would not need to traverse the different stations at the beachfront. Aqua Boracay offers a luxurious experience of rest, recreation, and entertainment. Located at Bulabog Beach, staying at the brand new property fulfills your dream vacation spent relaxing or celebrating life with your loved ones.

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The main entrance of the resort.
The Day Club featuring the massive outdoor pool.

A new kind of haven

Upon arrival at Aqua Boracay, the beautiful and minimalist design of the lobby creates a peaceful atmosphere. Together with the cheerful greetings of the resort staff, these set your mood for the rest of your stay. Warm smiles and excited conversations are standard, as the staff hands out cold towels as part of the welcome treatment. Walking further into the resort will only prove to be truly wonderful where a wide expanse of lush, well-manicured grass with stone steps lead to the rest of the property.

LEFT: outdoor pool in the middle of the resort. RIGHT: guest rooms.

A massive outdoor pool in the middle of the resort attracts attention right on the get-go. The sun’s rays reflecting the bright blue tiles of the pool make the waters glimmer, seemingly inviting guests to dive right away. You may opt to request for colorful inflatables where you can lounge and sip your cocktails while basking under the warmth of the beautiful sun.

Modern upbeat music begins to play in the afternoon until the sunset, elevating the energy within the resort. Whether you are dining outdoors or simply taking a stroll around, you could not help but get infected with the energy and might even find yourself dancing to the rhythm together with your friends.

The private pool and lounge at The Ibiza Suite.
The Ibiza Suite’s kitchen.

An unforgettable sojourn

Surrounding the outdoor pool are the different guest rooms. There are about 138 rooms as of writing, and Aqua Boracay plans to finish the entire construction by early this year. Nevertheless, the resort offers different luxurious suites that can suit to one’s liking. Acclaimed designer Vito Selma designed the state-of-the-art furniture of the rooms. He chose to feature furnishings that highlight the simplicity of wood. Yet he fashioned it to be creative and functional pieces, reflecting the contemporary feel and overall allure of Aqua Boracay.

It is a known fact that a trip to Boracay is never complete without coming to a party or better yet, throwing one yourself. Guests can hold their own thrilling celebrations at The Ibiza Suite. With its own kitchen, dining area, and outdoor private pool overlooking the resort and the Bulabog Beach, you can make unforgettable memories in this suite. Whether you hold the party by day or at nighttime, sip refreshments, indulge in snacks and go swim. All this and more while enjoying the refreshing seaside breeze in the company of your friends. Conversations will certainly remain fun and spirited at The Ibiza as the open-space can allow you to gaze at the galaxy of stars at night.

The receiving room of the Miami Suite is filled with Vito Selma’s modern designs.

Other suites in Aqua Boracay are the Miami suite. Though smaller than the Ibiza, it is the perfect place to hold more intimate parties without giving up the exciting festivities you can have. Aqua Boracay also boasts of its deluxe and premier one and two-bedroom suites. For the traveler who likes to stay in the room and snuggled up in your bed, the suites offer the right haven and ambiance for relaxation. Each room has a television with different cable channels, a coffee maker, and complimentary sweet delights served every day. With the different suites and the luxurious treatment guests receive, it is quite easy to find one that caters to your needs right here in Aqua Boracay.

Guests delight in kitesurfing.

For a much-needed break from daily stresses, the Mist offers a range of spa treatments like Swedish and Shiatsu. With their cheerful and friendly staff who are attentive to your needs, you will find it easy to unwind here. Their treatments will have your muscles relaxing and will allow your mind to enter a state of tranquility. A single session alone can uplift your spirit, encouraging alignment with the self after all the fun activities in the resort. Among the well-known entertainment in Aqua Boracay are windsurfing and kitesurfing. After all, Bulabog Beach itself is one of the perfect destinations to trying on these two exhilarating adventures.

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LEFT: Angus Steak with golden fries. RIGHT: Mango Float with Basil Pannacotta.

Indulging on feasts

A crowned jewel in its many offerings, a sumptuous spread awaits guests at the restaurants of Aqua Boracay. Wake up to a wonderful breakfast and comfort ala carte menu at QTCHN, the all-day dining restaurant. You can also indulge in the creations of internationally-acclaimed chef Chele Gonzales. Together with his team, they create The Sexy Pool Menu at the Dayclub while over at SEA.FOOD by Chele, you can find a variety of cuisines. While they are yet on the soft opening, one can look forward to tasting a wide range of robust flavors. Among the unique dishes Chef Chele whipped up for dinner was the Angus Steak. With meat cooked to the utmost level of tenderness, each strip was oozing with juices. The softness perfectly complemented the crunchy texture of the golden fries.

For dessert, the most memorable one during our team’s stay was the Mango Float with Basil Pannacotta. At first glance, one may expect it to taste utterly sweet. Yet a scoop of the mango slices and its creamy sauce surprised the tastebuds with the slightly bitter kick of basil. Incorporating an herb into a typically relished dessert is quite interesting. This only reflects the creativity and the bold spirit of Chef Chele, his fellow chefs, and the rest of his team.

LEFT: Cebu Lechon Porchetta with Lechon fried rice. RIGHT: Mud Crab with Sichuan Sauce.

The rest of the courses we tasted in our entire stay include the freshest seafood like Mud Crab with Sichuan Sauce and experimental serves on local fare like Cebu Lechon Porchetta with Lechon fried rice. Guests can look forward to the chefs’ future creations, mixing flavors and textures that appeal to discerning tastebuds. After all, creating feasts is not only about satisfying the appetite but taking one into a different culinary journey each time.

LEFT: small dining area at Miami Suite. RIGHT: a bed at Ibiza Suite.
A smaller, mesmerizing pool facing the beachfront.

The Aqua Boracay is nothing short of a world-class resort. From the warm Filipino hospitality, luxurious rooms, amazing spa treatments, to the remarkable dining scene, a vacation is certainly unforgettable. The overall experience truly lives up and exceeds the expectations of the sophisticated traveler.

Photos by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100.

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