Familiar Comforts: Worry-Free Japanese Fine Dining At Home

One restaurant brings authentic Japanese flavors and inimitable service straight to the homes of its customers.

Omotenashi by Japanese restaurant Kazunori is private dining like no other. It redefines the dining experience by infusing elegance, class, and meticulous attention to detail. This high-end catering service creates an exceptional experience for their guests. 

Kazunori opened in 2017 and was named after Chef Kuramochi Kazunori. This restaurant houses three different Japanese concepts under one roof. The Kazu Café is host to casual Japanese daytime dishes, such as playful sandos (sandwiches) and pastas, and fun parfaits. The main dining area features traditional washoku (literally “food of Japan”) such as yakitori, tempura, and freshly prepared noodles. Lastly, the sushi bar is the setting for evening omakase marked by premium ingredients air-flown from Toyosu Market, selected by their resident sushi master, Takeru Saito.

Omotenashi is a concept deeply ingrained in Japanese culture that relates to hospitality. At its core, it is a convergence of sincerity, care, and authentic service; it is the art of anticipation and attentiveness, where guests not only feel valued, but also cherished. In the hands of Kazunori, the concept of omotenashi is redefined and made palpable.

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Through “Omotenashi by Kazunori”, the Japanese private dining experience undergoes a transformation characterized by elegance, class, and meticulous attention to detail. “I view Japanese cuisine as an art form that emphasizes simplicity and balance,” states Kazunori. Omotenashi takes the world-class hospitality from their restaurant, Kazunori, into a personal dining setting at guests’ chosen venues, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind experience.

Omotenashi by Kazunori introduces new dishes showcasing the seasonality of their prime ingredients freshly flown from Japan. Kazunori does have some favorites from their Omakase service. Some of these include Unagi Chirashi or grilled eel served over a bed of sushi rice garnished with dried seaweed;  Beef Sukiyaki – a savory Japanese dish of thinly sliced Wagyu beef lightly grilled and served with a raw egg yolk and a sweet and soy-infused broth; and Otoro Sushi – high-grade, fatty bluefin tuna belly.

Founder and CEO of Kazunori Ryan K. Cruz states “This is where we can bring our expertise in food and service beyond the four walls of our restaurant, and allow the customer to enjoy what we do, without even leaving their own homes.” This omotenashi approach aligns with the restaurant’s desire for clients to focus their energy on entertaining and creating a personalized experience for their companions, in a location most convenient for them.

Cruz added “There are numerous elements needed to pull off the experience that we hope to bring to our guest’s homes. I would think of them in three separate areas. The first is the menu selection. Second, are the other customer-facing details, from the tablecloth and napkins to the dinnerware, floral arrangements for the table, and different parts of the home. The last area would be everything else needed to deliver what we need to — this is everything that enables our back and front of house staff to deliver the experience we intend to.”

“The process begins by gathering information about the client’s preferences, allergies, and so on,” shares chef Kazunori. Cruz goes on to say, “We always make it a point that any requests or concerns from the client, especially dietary ones, are met while ensuring that what we serve is still a representation of the experience that we want to give, which normally goes through a series of tastings under our tight R&D process before we release anything to our customers to ensure that we don’t disappoint anyone.” 

Kazunori and his team then dive deep into the creation process, considering what’s in season and seeing what items are available. Of the various ingredients the team works with, clients can expect to dine on the likes of properly sourced premium Wagyu such as Kawagishi or Hitachi, the highly prized Bafun unifrom Hokkaido, and even Tegani (red-clawed) crabs.

Omotenashi offers three curated packages that clients can choose from. The plated full-service option is ideal for groups of 10-20 people. Guests go through an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. A buffet option is also available for a more casual setting, where stations are curated to suit the client’s preferences. Lastly, the omakase is where the flow of the meal is left totally in the hands of chef Kazunori and his team.

Kazunori says his favorite ingredients to work with are Wagyu beef, tuna, and unagi (freshwater eel). These ingredients allow him to explore and experiment with diverse culinary techniques, creating dishes that are rich in flavor and texture.

He adds “Developing the concept for omotenashi was a thoughtful process that involved considering the seasons, guest preferences, and even age and nationality. This approach ensures that our menu resonates with a broad audience while being mindful of certain dishes.” He views Japanese cuisine as “an art form that emphasizes simplicity and balance. The foundational elements of soy sauce, sake, and salt bring out the depth and harmony in dishes. Freshness of ingredients is paramount in Japanese cooking, which is why mastering storage techniques is crucial to preserving their inherent flavors.” 

As Omotenashi by Kazunori sets out to captivate discerning palates, Kuramochi Kazunori and his team remain steadfast in their mission of providing a different dimension to the art of private dining.

For inquiries about Omotenashi by Kazunori, contact Joan Sandoval at (0917) 6283530 or email at [email protected].

Photos courtesy of Kazunori.

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