Manila's Well-Loved Japanese Restaurants Deliver Your Favorite Dishes

If you’re still wary of dining out, but miss having authentic Japanese fare, these restaurants offer deliveries of their finest and freshest dishes.

Japanese cuisine has been embedded in the Filipino dining scene that one couldn’t move through highways in the metro without seeing at least two Japanese-inspired cafes or restaurants. Now in the midst of the pandemic, some of these establishments have started inviting guests to dine-in, but their delivery options remain open. So, if you are craving the freshest, premium, and authentic Japanese cuisine with ingredients flown straight from the Land of the Rising Sun, we have listed some of the best destinations. You can get your premium bento, a box of flavorful sushi, or your favorite sake from these Japanese restaurants.

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Tsukiji Restaurant

Only the freshest ingredients can create the most exquisite-tasting Japanese cuisine. Tsukiji is well-known for this, sourcing their ingredients from the renowned Tsukiji Market in Japan. Although it is now known as Toyosu Market, there are still small shops littered all over the bustling outer market. Here, one can buy the freshest seafood, a vibrant array of sashimi, dried seaweed, and fruit and vegetable produce. So, it’s no wonder Tsukiji Restaurant boasts of masterpieces like chirashi sushi, sake sushi (Norweigan and Tasmanian salmon), and ama ebi sushi (sweet squid). Head chef Toshiro Okajima, fondly called Chef Oka, lends his expertise to create all these sumptuous dishes.

Click here to browse through their menu. For orders, contact 8843 4285, 8812 2913, or 0995-6179209. You can also visit their Instagram for inquiries.

Mecha Uma

As the name suggests, Mecha Uma is your go-to destination for the most luscious Japanese cuisine. Scroll through their Instagram page and you couldn’t help but lose yourself over the mouthwatering dishes. From their bento varieties like their charcoal-grilled Ibérico seasoned with red and white miso to their tasteful Omakase starters, you are certain to succumb to this restaurant’s masterful creations, courtesy of Chef Bruce Ricketts. You may have to keep checking their menu as they update it from time to time with a new fare.

For dine-in reservations, contact 0919-0845537. For orders, send them a direct message on Instagram.

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Polaris Fine Foods

While having good ingredients is the cornerstone of every kitchen, Polaris goes beyond this by curating only the finest seafood, meats, and artisanal pantry essentials. They have offerings for social affairs like a platter of chilled Atlantic salmon sashimi, Kichi Omakase bento box, and extra-large Japanese oysters from Miyagi Prefecture. For restaurant favorites and solo dishes, try their premium Japanese Gindara or Hotate (Sashimi Grade Hokkaido Scallops) air-flown from Hokkaido. It’s also good to take note all the ingredients are ethically-sourced as Polaris works with both local and global suppliers.

For orders, click here to fill out the form. For inquiries, visit their Instagram or contact 0966-2549154.

(Featured photo from Polaris Fine Foods/Justin Ventura)

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Ogawa Japanese Restaurant

Among the beloved destinations for Japanese cuisine, Ogawa boasts of an extensive menu. While it can be overwhelming at a glance, you have more options and a chance of finding your next favorite Japanese dish or treat. From Nigiri style sushi, Onigiri set, to a plateful of treasure like their Bara Chirashi Don composed of ikura, uni, tuna toro, and salmon, you are certain to satisfy your cravings and appetite. Beyond the food, who could forget their most sought-after sake? Ogawa carries premium labels like Hiroki from Fukushima-ken, Jikon from Mie-ken, and Nabeshima from Saga-ken. Be it for lunch, dinner, or a simple weekend treat, you’ll have a fulfilling and delightful Japanese cuisine here.

For dine-in reservations and orders, contact 0917-8564292 or 88864994. For inquiries, visit their Instagram page.

(Photo from Tanabe)


Get the best of Japanese cuisine with the authentic, delightful dishes of Tanabe. With branches in Malate and Makati, the restaurant carries different flavors and styles of sashimi, maki sushi, and special sushi rolls. Currently, they are serving a variety of bento for home delivery like their Gindara Kaku bento and Nigiri Sushi Kaku bento. If you’re new to Tanabe, you may opt for their crowd favorites Special Salmon Roll or Chutoro Sashimi.

For orders, contact 7728-2807, 8405-0288, or 0917-6306257. For inquiries, visit their Facebook page.

Featured photo of the story taken by Polaris Fine Foods/Justin Ventura.

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