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For your next celebration, you can consider customizing a sushi cake to share.

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Before the pandemic, Japan’s been a hot spot for Filipino vacationers due to its culture, sights, and of course, mouth-watering cuisine. If you used to frequent the Land of the Rising Sun, you probably know there’s nothing like visiting a sushi-ya and enjoying the rice rolls straight from its source. 

Fortunately, if you’ve been missing your food crawls in Tokyo and Osaka, there are local restaurants and online food shops that serve Japanese favorites that incorporate its authentic flavors and ingredients.

Here are five places you can order from that have sushi and sashimi platters great for sharing. We even include one brand that customizes a “sushi cake” for your next celebration.

My Sushi

My Sushi’s website says that their chefs have over twenty years of experience in Japanese cuisine. Intending to “improve the sushi delivery experience in the Philippines,” the local brand also regularly updates its menu based on feedback from its customers. 

My Sushi menu ranges from boxed sushi platters, donburi classics, and nigiri. You can also expect the salmon to be fresh as each batch is air-flown from Norway.

You can order here.

Polaris Fine Foods 

The gourmet food brand describes their Signature Mosaic Sushi Box as a product that the eyes enjoy first before your taste buds do. With their knack for creative presentation, Polaris Fine Foods also customizes their “naked sushi cakes.”

You can choose any letter or number and order it with either Chirashi or Baranchirashi Toppings. 

In addition to sushi boxes and cakes, they also offer sashimi platters and fresh protein you can cook yourself. From lobster tails to A3 wagyu cuts, you’ll find the main ingredients you need to recreate your favorite Japanese dish.

You can order here.


Located on Chino Roces in Makati, the sushi bar is known for offering omakase experiences. In Japanese dining, omakase means that you show up for a meal and entrust the dish selection to the restaurant’s chef. However, the gastronomic experience is reserved for guests dining-in only, but Kazunori offers a wide selection on their delivery menu.

There are premium sashimi staples like uni, salmon, toro, and squid. For those that enjoy traditional sushi roll, they offer salmon and Ebi tempura variations.

If you’re craving a bento box, Kazunori can also make the sets with tori karaage, tonkatsu, and ebi fry.

You can order here.


The Makati restaurant has been a go-to for many sushi lovers based in the Metro. After all, they’ve been around for 32 years. With weekly imported seafood and beef directly from Japan, Tsukiji makes their sushi boats and platters, bento boxes, and wagyu dishes available for delivery. 

You can order here.

Umi Sushi

From Las Pinas, the online food shop offers a menu including traditional and contemporary types of Sushi. Packaged in pastel-colored boxes, they have sushi platters with up to 32 pieces inside.

In the “Chef’s Mix 32” sushi box, you can enjoy a salmon skin roll, wagyu roll, spicy tuna roll, signature Umi roll, and a salmon avocado roll, to name just a few. 

You can order here.

Banner photo from @polarisfinefoods on Instagram.

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