Simon Porte Jacquemus And Marco Maestri Are Now Dads

Renowned French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and his husband Marco Maestri are now the proud fathers of two newborn twins.

The fashion world is now celebrating some great news from French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus—the man behind the famous eponymous label—and it’s not the launch of a new clothing collection or bag. Instead, Jacquemus took to Instagram to share that he and his husband Marco Maestri are now fathers to two newborn twins, Mia and Sun. 

The picture Jacquemus shared on Instagram with the arms of his and his husband's newborn twins, Mia and Sun
The picture Jacquemus shared on Instagram with the arms of his and his husband’s newborn twins, Mia and Sun/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus

“Welcome to earth, our love. We love you so much,” the post writes. “Our dream has come true with you.” According to their hospital bracelets in the picture, the twins were born on April 20, 2024. 

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Many netizens took to the comments to congratulate the husbands on their growing family, with heartfelt words expressing their joy at the news. These include Italian content creator Chiara Ferragni, Filipino-American beauty influencer Bretman Rock, American model Ashley Graham, and British-American designer Harris Reed, who all sent in kind words for the dads. Meanwhile, model Jarrod Scott wrote: “Congratulations welcome to the dad club [with celebratory emojis in party hats].”

A Beautiful Love 

Many know Jacquemus for his innovative bags and clothes, which shook the world of fashion through their playful yet sleek designs that exude quiet luxury. Yet beyond his role as a young, forward-thinking designer, Jacquemus has also been very vocal about his sexual orientation, taking to social media to share his sweet love story with his husband Marco Maestri

The two have been married for two years following a year-long engagement, though they have been living together since 2018, reports Brittany Miller for Independent.

Their 2022 wedding was an intimate yet beautiful affair in the south of France, and as one would expect, filled with nothing but impeccably dressed guests sporting white wedding attire from the designer. This included pop phenomenon Dua Lipa, who happens to be a good friend of Jacquemus, according to Carolyn Twersky of W Magazine

“Growing up as a gay kid in a small village was not really an easy journey… so coming back here with the man of my life meant a lot…” wrote Jacquemus in an Instagram post about his big day.

The two have now begun a new chapter in their inspiring relationship, and many are happy to know that the newborn children have two stylish fathers who love them.  

Banner photo via Instagram @jacquemus.

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