Festive Films: 7 Romantic, Musical, Comedic Holiday Movies on Netflix to Stream Now - Arts & Culture

A dark comedy film with a holiday spin? It’s on the list.

The holiday season can get a bit crazy—from the seemingly endless shopping list to your booked social calendar; you might be craving a cozy evening at home. So for a relaxing evening in, we’ve rounded up a list of films you can stream on Netflix right now. 

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Whether to keep playing while you wrap Christmas presents or with a glass of mulled wine, here are movies that are comforting, comedic, musical, and even suspenseful with a festive mood.

Love Hard 

Netflix’s newly released romantic comedy is about a young woman (Nina Dobrev) who matches with a handsome stranger on a dating app. She considered him the perfect guy for her—however, he’s miles away. She travels to surprise him during the holidays but discovers she’s been catfished.

You can stream on Netflix here.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on The Square

Christine Branski plays the villain in the musical where she tries to sell a village with no regard for its inhabitants. Then an angel, played by Dolly Parton, tries to steer Branski’s character on the right path—through song and dance, of course. 

You can stream on Netflix here.

Last Christmas

If you’re a fan of the series and movie adaptations of Game of Thrones and Crazy Rich Asians, you might enjoy the leading actors of this film. Starring Emilia Clarke (GoT‘s Daenerys) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians‘ Nick Young), the romantic comedy is about discovering “the magic of Christmas,” despite having a pessimistic attitude toward the season.

You can stream on Netflix here.

The Princess Switch films

If you want to go on a marathon, The Princess Switch just released its third movie this year. The light watch tells the story of a young baker from Chicago, a Lady, and a Duchess—all played by Vanessa Hudgens. As all the characters “look-alike,” they “switch roles” in each other’s lives to find love, fulfill their dreams, and sometimes merely stir the pot. 

You can stream on Netflix here.

Christmas Crossfire 

For an offbeat and suspenseful watch, Christmas Crossfire is a German film that includes some dark comedy. When a man foils an attempted murder, he tries to run away. However, the group of would-be killers and their intended victim search for him.

You can stream on Netflix here.

The Christmas Chronicles 

The heartfelt fantasy film is about a brother and sister who hatch a scheme to steal Santa Claus’ sleigh; however, upon crashing it, they discover that it’s up to them to save Christmas. A new plan comes along with Santa on their side and his loyal elves to save the holiday. 

You can stream on Netflix here.

Holiday in the Wild 

Here’s one with Sex in the City’s Charlotte or Kristin Davis playing the leading woman. Although it’s not set during Christmas time, it’s a feel-good romance film that’s family-friendly. When Davis’ character’s husband (Rob Lowe) abruptly ends their marriage, Davis jets off to Africa by herself to find purpose and discover what else life has to offer.

You can stream on Netflix here.

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