What’s On Their Nightstand? Find Out The Evening Routine Of These Successful Women

Nothing beats having a good night’s sleep from creating and following a routine that recharges these thriving women.

After going through a hectic day, it’s essential to carve out an evening ritual that allows one to slow down and recharge. Nothing beats having a little personal time before resting throughout the night. We talk to five thriving women whose lives define success and fulfillment as they go through the many roles they take. These women share what they keep on their nightstands as they follow through with their daily night routines.

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On Mia’s nightstand: post-natal vitamins, phone charger, water, fresh flowers, water or hot tea with lemon, prayer book, real shades anti-blue light glasses.

Mia Arcenas-Branellec

The fashion designer and founder of her eponymous brand is a first-time mother. So, it’s not a surprise that her evening routine consists of caring for her son and freshening up after an exhausting day. “[I] play with my son and read him books for an hour before bath time,” Mia says. After whispering goodnight to him, she and her husband Jacques tune in to their recent favorite Netflix series, Outlander. Apart from watching, she makes sure to revitalize by practicing yoga sequences and applying facial creams and serums like those from Lamer and Charlotte Tilbury.

A peek into her nightstand reveals she needs a splash of nature to calm herself and brighten up the room. Together with postnatal vitamins, a glass of water or hot tea with lemon, and a prayer book, anyone can see how Mia values renewing both spirit and body before letting sleep do its natural process of rejuvenation.

On Georgia’s nightstand: reading lamp, laptop, books, a little box with flash drives, scapular, sage, Palo Santo, and a small box of chocolates.

Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario

Although she is taking on different roles, Georgia places her family at the center of her life. It shows in her night routine when they spend time together. “All my daughters come into our room and we either play a board game or watch a show together,” she shares. Once the family time is over, she watches a show with her husband and reads a book on her own time after. “Somewhere in between all that I brush my teeth, apply face cream, drink water, and apply lip balm.”

“My nightstand has a myriad of things,” Georgia says. As a writer, she mostly uses her reading lamp inherited from her paternal grandmother, the books she currently reads, and her laptop to catch up on deadlines. Apart from writing essentials, she keeps flash drives containing photos and files. “These hold my most precious memories,” she clarifies. At the end of the day, she cleanses using Palo Santo, scapular, sage, and she munches on chocolates, too.

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On Yanee’s nightstand: phone charger, a photo of her three kids, Himalayan salt lamp, dried flowers which alternates with fresh Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchids, a tray of essential oils and rolls, and a rosary.

Yanee Nuñez-Alvarez

As a mother of three children in their formative years, Yanee knows to cherish her personal time as well. To relieve the stress from work and caring for her children, she relishes in caring for her skin. Her seven-step skincare routine includes lotion, essence, night cream, eye cream, moisturizer, retinol, and lip moisturizer. “I end with [gua sha] and comb [gua sha],” she adds. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique. It involves gently scraping and massaging your skin to improve blood circulation and induce healing.

Apart from Guasha, Yanee uses different “essential oils and rolls that I really swear by,” she says. Having these beauty and home essentials on her nightstand unveil much self-care is a priority for Yanee especially in these difficult times.

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On Kathy’s nightstand: iPad, phone charger, and current read.

Kathy Yap-Huang

The businesswoman and sports enthusiast is a go-getter whose active lifestyle is inspiring as shown on her Instagram feed. Yet beyond packing a punch and conquering each day, Kathy never forgets to slow down. “Before bed, I use a foam roller and stretch, wash my face, brush my teeth, and watch something on [television],” she says. Her downtime is essential as she can freshen herself up before welcoming the next day with renewed energy.

A glimpse on her nightstand reveals a book she is presently engrossed in which is David Fagen: Turncoat Hero by Philip Hoffman. “[It’s] about a Black American soldier who empathized with the racism Filipinos were subjected to, and defected from the US to fight with the Filipinos,” Kathy elaborates. With a profound book among her recent reads, it only makes sense that Kathy has a sharp wit and fierce attitude that makes her a strong, modern woman.

Tootsy Angara

Similar to many mothers, Tootsy values family time. “We pray as a family, we rub a sleep potion on our foreheads and nape…and my son puts frankincense,” she says. The essential oil is a calming blend of lavender and ‘stress away’, allowing them to have a comfortable sleep. After this routine, they talk to one another. They share stories about their day or even reminisce about their wonderful memories as a family.

Apart from family, Tootsy places her faith in God above everything else. Thus, most of one can find on her nightstand are different novenas like St Joseph’s, a crucifix, and rosaries. She has her essential oil blends as well, reading glasses, and a lovely photo of her parents. With such devotion to her faith and her family, Tootsy remains a humble and successful woman in the media industry.

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