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December is here and it’s that time of year where we can let go of our diets for once and indulge in good alcohol and even greater food. As comfort defines the holiday season with all the roasted meats and sweet desserts, we allow ourselves to enjoy all these sinful treats that we have worked hard to avoid all year long. As such, there is no better time to dig in to the ever-indulgent dishes of Flatiron 1771 in BGC. Defined by its NYC-inspired comfort food, this spot spares no calorie for the sake of great taste.

Chef Vicky Pacheco, Executive Chef of 1771 Group of Restaurants

I recently sat down with Executive Chef, Vicky Pacheco, to talk about the stories behind Flatiron’s dishes and try some of their comfort dishes. “It’s different kinds of food, for different kinds of people,” Chef Vicky opens as she talks about the concept behind Flatiron 1771. Having just rebranded in May of this year, their menu now reflects the diverse nature of the city where their namesake is based in. “If you’re craving for something, for sure you can find it here,” she shares with a wide grin.


Orange Pomelo Cooler

Starting off with a refreshment to dawn the meal, a pitcher of their orange pomelo cooler garnished with an orange wedge. Bright in color and flavor, the mix of orange and pomelo makes for a sweet-sour drink that livens up the tongue. The pomelo pulp adds a zest in each sip which preludes the deep and rich flavors of the dishes to come.


Pomelo Orzo Salad & Potato Skins Platter

Jumping from the pomelo of the cooler, we were served a bright fruity salad and a crunchy potato snack. The Pomelo Orzo Salad hits on the bright side of flavor with its pomelo bits and lemon vinaigrette. Meanwhile, the fruity zing of the pomelo lightens the chew from the orzo and the crunch of the mixed greens. Chef Vicky describes the salad as, “a salad for people who like healthy and lean food.” For the potato starter, you get variety in their Potato Skins Platter with its different toppings. Not one to hold back with the meaty filling, Chef Vicky tops the potato skins with three different meats: Beef brisket flakes, tuna, and salmon. The thin crisp skins provide a crunchy and delicious vehicle for the toppings which make for a good barchow as well.


Chicken Piccata

The first main out is the large and generously plated Chicken Piccata, the buttery and crisp fillets of chicken breasts are flattened and breaded to a beautifully golden brown fry. Chef Vicky’s favorite on the menu? “It’s fried in butter, and coated with butter!” she shares with a laugh. The rich yet brightly flavored chicken gets its unique taste from its lemon-butter coating which is complemented with its creamy pasta side. This dish (as most of their dishes) is best shared as a group with their large sizes, but there’s no judgement if you can brave this alone.


Battery Park Pork Chop

Probably the embodiment of good comfort food in Flatiron 1771’s menu, this slab of pork is over an inch thick and packed with marinated juices. “It’s brined in a salt-sugar solution then marinated; upon order we grill it, then put it in the oven,” Chef Vicky shares on the tedious process to get the pork cooked just right to get it tender and juicy. It’s served with a side of slaw and a sauce made from apple cider and the drippings of the pork—the perfect fruit and meat combo.


Brownie Burger

After all those massive and flavor-heavy dishes, you would expect for more subtle flavors in their desserts. Well, you’d be wrong. For their dessert we get the Brownie Burger. From just its name you get a tinge of fear and excitement at the same time. You get a creamy and cool serving of coffee ice cream sandwiched between two warm home-baked brownies. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, the entire dish is drizzled with caramel, chocolate syrup, and peanuts to top this beautifully monstrous dessert. Chef Vicky puts it well in explaining the dish, “It’s really rich, and really deadly. It’s not for the faint hearted.”


Christopher Street

To end it all, we were treated to one of their signature cocktails: Christopher Street. Made with Earl Grey tea-infused gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and water; the darkened gin gets a deeper flavor from the tea. A liquor forward drink, it’s lightened with the lemon juice and syrup creating a zesty finish to the filling meal.


Flatiron 1771 is located at the Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street, Corner 9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations contact (02) 8802 5458.

Photos by Flatiron 1771

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