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Guests were foregoing the red and white wine being served at the lunch hosted by Drs. Z and Aivee Teo at Sala. Instead, they were opting for water, particularly the hydrogen water made from the Aivee Water device. The Aivee Group was introducing the latest innovation in their pursuit of a more holistic approach to wellness and beauty. This latest innovation is an instrument that turns regular potable water into hydrogen water.

“Two years ago, we researched about the power of hydrogen water which started from the research of Japanese medical doctors,” Dr. Z said. “They found that hydrogen water reduces inflammation, increases immunity and prevents up to 170 diseases.”  It is also a powerful anti-aging tool and increases one’s metabolism, Dr. Z added.

Aivee and Z Teo
Aivee and Z Teo


During the lunch presentation, Dr. Z spoke about their continued efforts towards a more comprehensive way to wellness and beauty. Besides bringing in the latest technology, the Aivee Group opened the Aivee Cafe and Dr. Food last year, offering healthy food to their patients to compliment the beauty treatments. The Aivee Water is the result of their continuing efforts towards good health and well-being. “We believe that water is life, and the right water is the key to a healthy life.”

There is increasing awareness in medical circles of the importance of optimizing the body cell condition for health optimization. However, pollution, radiation, food and even medicines can cause inflammation of the cells. Dr. Z said that inflammation in the cells is the root cause of medical problems, and possibly the number one cause of aging.

Aivee Water Bottle with Splash
Aivee Water Bottle with Splash


“Our cells are being bombarded by free radicals and causing damage to our cells,” explained the CEO of the Aivee Group who maintains a practice in Singapore. The aesthetic surgeon said that one counteraction to the assault on the body cells is the consumption of hydrogen water. “Numerous studies have shown that hydrogen water reduces inflammation. It is a powerful anti-oxidant.

“We drink water everyday. Our bodies are made of 60 to 70 percent water. The idea of having water in our bodies everyday that can fight disease and reduce inflammation is so simple yet profound.”

He likened a grain of sand in the eye to the free radicals that cause damage to the body cells. “Why allow your body to be broken down by the constant destruction of inflammation and then spend time and money to repair it in the hospital?”


The intent of the Aivee Water is to make accessible the means to better health, as well as better appearance.  “Hydrogen water can potentially prevent disease and make us healthier and at the same time keep us younger. Why not?” Dr. Z quipped. “A few years ago, hydrogen water could only be obtained in hospitals that were kept in huge tanks. Fast forward a few years and technology has improved that we managed to shrink the technology into a sleek potable device.”

Two years prior the Aivee Group began working on creating the device that was finally introduced during the lunch. “With our research partners, we were able to make the technology so advanced that we can produce 900 parts per billion of hydrogen with a single touch of a button,” Dr. Z continued. “This makes the Aivee Water the most advanced, and I would say, that coolest hydrogen water device that you can carry around with you. Think of it as the iPhone X of hydrogen water devices.”

By Anna Isabel C. Sobrepeña

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