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Full-bodied, smooth, and earthy with tropical fruit notes, limited edition Aged Sumatra and Papua New Guinea’s distinct aromas are a masterful exhibition of coffee craftsmanship

There is no doubt that coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. It’s estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. On average, coffee afficionados can drink their much-needed brew up to three cups per day. And who doesn’t love that jolt of energy that a cuppa brings?

This well-loved drink is brewed in innumerable ways. Warm, iced, and even infused with food, coffee as a modern food necessity created a culture of its own. This global phenomenon has truly inspired Nespresso to pay homage to the finest coffee craftsmen and artisans across the world through the Master Origins range. 

The launch of the limited edition Master Origins Aged Sumatra and Papua New Guinea gives coffee connoisseurs the chance to experience an exquisite taste of a masterfully crafted blend in the Southeast Asian region.

The woody history of Master Origins Aged Sumatra

The Master Origins Aged Sumatra is a beloved Arabica variety made from a wet-hulling method called giling basah

High up in the jungles of Aceh province in Sumatra, the small local coffee farming community devote their expertise to a wet-hulling method called giling basah. The higher altitudes in the northernmost part of the island is an idyllic location where coffee cherries are harvested. The coffee cherries are processed by removing their pulp with the beans still wet from the inside. This step ensures that the beans can breathe and dry more easily.

What makes Master Origins Aged Sumatra a true class act of coffee expertise is that for a period of three years, the beans are monitored and rotated by their cultivators to ensure that it’s dried with nature’s rhythm. It is properly stored in hulls that preserve its woody profile. The Arabica variety has a velvety and earthy taste with syrup-like and fruit notes popular among coffee connoisseurs. 

Centuries-old craftsmanship of Master Origins Papua New Guinea

The Master Origins Papua New Guinea’s long tradition of coffee craftsmanship comes from the incredibly remote mountains of the island

Two days under a high mountain sun and a remote highland in Papua New Guinea, the coffee of this Master Origins flavor teems with tradition. The unrivaled taste of this blend comes from the incredibly remote mountains of the region that have been untouched for centuries. 

Built and produced by smallholder farmers, the mountaintop’s luscious land helps retain the coffee’s honey sweetness. To maintain its coffee profile, a short window between harvesting and pulping the coffee cherries is vital to its process before deterioration sets in. The farmers send the pulp across remote paths to a wet mill where the beans will undergo a lengthy fermentation process.

A food and coffee pairing masterpiece

La Liste 2021 Young Talent of the Year awardee, Chef Josh Boutwood, created two delectable dishes inspired by the limited edition Master Origins Aged Sumatra and Papua New Guinea

As a way to encapsulate the masterful craftsmanship of the Master Origins limited edition range, Nespresso collaborated with multi-awarded chef and restaurateur, Josh Boutwood, to create two delectable dishes inspired by the Master Origins from the Southeast Asian islands. The fine dining experience, celebrated at Boutwood’s Helm in Bonifacio Global City, introduced coffee enthusiasts to a culinary experience like no other. 

In creating the plate that would complement Master Origins Aged Sumatra, the executive chef took note of its robust and wonderful woody aroma by pairing it with roasted flavors. “We want it to be a little bit more delicate and bring in some chocolate tones that will linger, and also incorporate an aged process,” says Boutwood. A delicate serving of a tender and aged short rib, cacao, and cauliflower married the hearty flavors so well. 

Beautiful aromas of honey and lovely bright tones—these were the main flavor inspirations by the internationally-known chef in preparing his dish to pair with the Master Origins Papua New Guinea. “I immediately knew that I needed to pair it with something that was a little bit more earthy, grounded, and almost floral in order for those particular coffee taste profiles to be exemplified slightly,” shares Boutwood. Through an exquisite plate of Chilean Sea Bass with celeriac, kombu, and hazelnut, the savory dish enhanced the blend’s flavorful profile that it’s well-liked for.

Taking cues from the beautiful aromas of honey and lovely bright tones of the Master Origins Papua New Guinea, Chef Josh Boutwood created a buttery and moist serving of Chilean Sea Bass, celeriac, kombu, and hazelnut

The Master Origins blends, Aged Sumatra and Papua New Guinea, are available for a limited time in Nespresso boutiques located in Power Plant Mall, The Podium Mall, and Robinsons Magnolia, pop-up stores in Greenbelt 5, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, Shangri-La Mall, TriNoma, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Aura, and online at Follow on Instagram and Nespresso Philippines on Facebook for more info.

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