Michelle Yeoh Marries Jean Todt After 19-Year Engagement

Academy Award-winning star Michelle Yeoh and former motorsports CEO Jean Todt finally tie the knot, sealing their enduring love story that spanned 19 years of engagement.

Michelle Yeoh, the acclaimed star of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” and Jean Todt, the former Ferrari CEO, finally exchanged vows. 

The couple is putting an end to their nearly two-decade-long engagement. 

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The Genesis of a Love Story 

The couple’s love story began in the enchanting city of Shanghai back in June 2004, where fate brought them together. 

On a significant day, July 26, 2004, Jean Todt romantically proposed to Michelle, and she joyfully accepted his proposal, kickstarting their extraordinary journey of love and commitment.

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Photo via Instagram @massafelipe

After a 19-year wait, Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt’s wedding finally took place, surrounded by their loving family and friends in the city of Geneva on July 27, 2023. 

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt family and friends
Photo via Instagram @massafelipe

The celebration was nothing short of magical, radiating the evident strength of their love and the joy of becoming life partners.

Capturing Joyful Shenanigans

Felipe Massa, a veteran Formula 1 driver and a guest at the wedding, provided a glimpse into the couple’s love-filled life and the festivities through an Instagram post. 

The wedding program, which Massa shared, recounted the heartwarming moment of Todt’s proposal and the eagerly awaited union finally being celebrated.

The wedding photographs captured the couple’s sheer happiness. 

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Photo via Instagram @massafelipe

The images immortalized their candid smiles, infectious laughter, and affectionate embraces, painting a vivid picture of two souls deeply in love.

A particularly touching photo showcased Yeoh cradling her well-deserved Best Actress Oscar statuette, recognizing her outstanding performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” 

Michelle Yeoh and Felipe Massa
Michelle Yeoh and Felipe Massa/Photo via Instagram @massafelipe

The award-winning actress’s achievement added a sense of triumph to their union, symbolizing their shared successes and dreams.

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh/Photo via Instagram @massafelipe

Boundless Affection

Eager to share their joy, Todt took to the platform formerly known as Twitter, X, to confirm the marriage and express his happiness. 

His heartfelt post declared Michelle as the “Love of my life,” brimming with excitement for their journey together.

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt/Photo via Instagram @michelleyeoh_official

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times the previous year, Yeoh offered her perspective on marriage. 

She recognized the piece of paper held little personal significance. But she also cherished its importance to Jean and fully embraced its meaning in their relationship.

This year, Yeoh etched her name in history.

She is the first Asian woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. Adding an extra layer of significance to their wedding celebration. 

Michelle Yeoh wedding
Michelle Yeoh/Photo via Instagram @dior

An Everlasting Love

The couple’s journey from an encounter in Shanghai to a wedding showed the power of love, patience, and unwavering commitment.

Yeoh and Todt’s love story exemplifies love’s enduring power. 

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt/Photo via Instagram @michelleyeoh_official

Their wedding, filled with casual, light, and fun moments, marked the beginning of their happily ever after. 

Here’s to a love that transcends time and boundaries, inspiring all who witness their extraordinary journey. 

Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt
Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt/Photo via Instagram @michelleyeoh_official

Congratulations to Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt!

Banner photo via Instagram @michelleyeoh_official.

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