A Glimpse Of Home: Look Into the Redesigned House of Candy Dizon

In this series, we talk to members of the social set and take a look into their living spaces

The community quarantine allowed many of us to slow down and tick off items from our never-ending to-do list. We finally had time to pick up reading again, create new dishes, do gardening, and for some, refurbished their houses. Jul B. Dizon Jewellery‘s Candy Dizon is no different—she redecorated her family’s home here in the Philippines and in Long Island, New York. Let’s take a glimpse into what her homes looked like, and how she transformed it into spaces that certainly uplifts one’s mood.

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LEFT: the former interiors included a couple of paintings and photos on display. RIGHT: Candy lessened the display frames and added plants for a refreshing look.
LEFT: the old paint of the walls featured warm colors. RIGHT: the new, white walls with a touch of light grey give off a simpler and youthful aura.

Painting it young

While stuck under lockdown in New York, Candy thought of decluttering and repainting her home. “The first thing I did was to distinguish what was junk and what was to keep,” she says. She sorted each piece and evaluated first if it needs repair, repainting, or reupholstering. “I had to clean everything well before doing any kind of work,” she adds. She did the same to her house here in the country.

After decluttering, she started repainting. In her home abroad, she started with her kitchens cabinets: from dark wood, she turned it into vintage ivory. It brought out a youthful vibe and a pristine look. “The theme was cleanliness, purposeful and simplicity,” she says. It was all about bringing more of the light inside especially to her 61-year-old house here. Apart from the white paint, she added light grey that allowed the dark furniture to stand out.

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The former look of the living room filled with family photos and figurines, making for quite an overwhelming display.
After redecorating, the room looks muted, allowing the wall to ‘breathe.’

Doing it herself

In restyling your homes, you don’t need to buy new furnishings and furniture. Sometimes, it is all about repairing pieces repainting or finding a new purpose. Candy explains, “Since we had so [many] things that we have accumulated over the years, I did not buy a single decor.” However, she would still like to browse through the Pietro Collection on Instagram from time to time. “They always have the best decor, carpets, paintings, and home accessories,” she says.

Having done the redesigning herself, Candy felt “a great sense of accomplishment.” Working on cleaning and restyling her house was her way of relaxing amid dealing with the impact of the pandemic. Not only it gave the opportunity to fully sanitize the house, but it also allowed her to be creative. “For those who want to redesign, learn how to do it yourself. YouTube has great tips for those who want to take up the task of renovating,” she advises.

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The new living room featured white walls that contrasted well against the dark floors.
LEFT: the space used to have an antique cabinet with many trinkets and glassware. RIGHT: decluttered and added mini, potted plants to spruce the area up.

Like Candy, anyone can also start redesigning their houses. It is all about researching, learning to do things by yourself, but also asking help from the experts when necessary. Redesigning your house does not only change the look but uplifts the general mood in your living space.

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