LA Asks: What Are Your Favorite Pastry and Dessert Places?

When sweet cravings kick in, these five society sweet tooths head to their favorite bakeries and online shops.

The rise of online food destinations paved the way for new and unique creations. Be it something like Filipino flavor-infused doughnuts, there is always something exciting to try. But sometimes, we can’t help but indulge in our comfort food.

When craving sweets, there are particular stores we trust that can help satisfy our appetite. We speak with some of society’s esteemed women who share their favorites, from their go-to destinations for desserts and sweet pastries.

[Editor’s note: Some of the answers have been edited for clarity and brevity.]

LEFT: Mana Bites’ Dark Knight cookies. (Photo from Instagram) RIGHT: Bianca Yuzon-Henares

Bianca Yuzon-Henares

“I will always be a sweet tooth at heart,” shares Yuzon-Henares. Growing up, she admits preferring desserts over the main course. She reveals her huge appetite for milk tea, fondly claiming it helped fuel her energy throughout college years.

Beyond the sweet drink, the musician has fondness for fruit-filled pastries and desserts such as key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, buko pie, and halo-halo.

Like many others, she is one to have her favorite food combinations. Be it hot chocolate and fresh croissant or tea and a dark chocolate bar, the pairings must always complement each other.

Where are some of your go-to destinations for your sweet cravings?

Mana Bites for healthy treats like their Dark Knight cookies or “manabites,” Tilde Bakery and Kitchen for the most decadent Turtle Pie and comforting hot cross buns, Wildflour Café + Bakery’s buko pie and carrot cake are classic staples, mindblowing (and gluten-free) black rice flour bibingka from HeiRice, and Olivia’s Recipes for the best apple crumble in town.

I recently found out that I (sadly) don’t do so well with full cream milk, so I’m extra grateful for places like FRNK Milk Bar and harlan + holden coffee for their plant-based options. I also discovered Hail Chocolate Gelatos, and their vegan dark chocolate is a must-try!

The Good Batch’s sampler pack has a bit of everything for even the most discerning cookie lovers and has quickly become a regularly requested family staple over the past few months.

From left: The Cheesecake Factory’s Reese’s® Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake / Photo from Instagram; Hera Geriene

Hera Geriene

Although currently residing in the US, Geriene shares she grew up in the Philippines content with basic sweets like chocolates. A flourless chocolate cake, for instance, is one she admits indulging in once in a while. As for desserts, she doesn’t have a favorite one but her usual choice is fruit tart with nuts.

Where are some of your go-to destinations for your sweet cravings?

When I’m living in the Philippines, Chef Jessie in Rockwell is my number one go-to place for anything on the dessert menu from halo-halo to soufflés. I returned to the US last August because of the pandemic.

Thankfully, I was able to find an incredible European specialty shop called Hoffman Fine Cakes and Pastries in Redmond, Washington for unique pastries and tarts. Of course, Cheesecake Factory is always reliable for shareable desserts since the choices are varied and quite large.

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LEFT: Keana Rustia. RIGHT: Manolo’s PH puto bumbong cookies.

Keana Rustia

Like many others stuck in lockdowns and quarantine, she spent more time in the kitchen. Together with her sisters Gilly and Tara, they whipped up delights like sweet pastries. “My biggest weakness is soft and chewy cookies,” Keana says. She finds it the easiest to bake and allows her to be inventive with the recipe.

Where are some of your go-to destinations for your sweet cravings?

Southbank Cafe has been one of my constant breakfast spots for fluffy pancakes. They serve it with fresh berries and whip cream—perfect with a good cup of coffee.

My family has also been ordering from an online Instagram shop, Manolo’s PH. I rarely indulge in sweets, but their white churro and puto bumbong cookies are so good that every bite will have you craving for more!

LEFT: Suzette Ayson. RIGHT: Petit Four’s chocolate cake. (Photo from Instagram)

Suzette Ayson

With an enthusiasm for chocolate bars, Ayson names Lindt and Meiji as her preferred brands. “I’m partial to European and Japanese chocolate bars as I find them smooth and just the right sweetness,” she explains.

However, she is open to exploring others such as M&M’s which now has a chocolate bar, EDSA Shangri-la’s Funky Monkey and B52, and her recent encounter with local brand AURO. “[It] just wowed me,” she says. “It happens to be an international award-winning chocolate brand. It deserves its merit.”

Where are some of your go-to destinations for your sweet cravings?

Apart from bars, cakes take up Ayson’s second favorite sweets. In particular, she has fallen in love with Petit Four’s chocolate, Estrel’s caramel, and The Pastry Cart’s Crème Brulee cake. “The cakes are old recipes and homemade,” she adds. “All these three cakes have soft and light [texture] that blend well with the creamy icing.”

Aside from Petit Four, Estrel’s, and The Pasty Cart, Chef Jessie’s desserts and Wildflour Café + Bakery satisfy her cravings as well.

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LEFT: Mamou’s key lime pie. (Photo from TripAdvisor) RIGHT: Yanee Alvarez.

Yanee Alvarez

Sweet, creamy desserts define her palate, having a good key lime pie and ice cream as her favorites. If not these, she opts for salted caramel, milk gelato, or sorbet.“ For nibbles, I love snacking on Nutella biscuits or Twix white,” she continues.

Where are some of your go-to destinations for your sweet cravings?

Mamou or Wolfgang’s Steakhouse PH for the key lime pie while for the ice cream, Wagyu Studio Manila. I also rely on Eurotreats and DP Personal Shopper for my and my family’s sweet treats.

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