7 Best Frozen Desserts To Treat Yourself With This Summer

From Chocolate Orange Sorbets to a loaded Halo-Halo, here are sweets you can chill out with from some of our favorites.

While you can create a cool treat on your own at home—we suggest throwing together shaved ice and flavored syrup like Japan’s Kakigōri, or something healthier Taiwan’s fruit-filled Baobing—some of many establishments in the city are also offering their own frozen delights. Here are some of our favorites.

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Gelato by Auro Chocolate

If you can’t get enough of Auro’s award-winning chocolates, try their recently-released Gelato. You can order by pint, pair, or by the bundle. Their GelaTWO Bundle comes in non-dairy, plant-based gelato in Strawberry and Chocolate flavors. It’s also good to note they directly source their strawberries from farmers in Baguio. But if you prefer their non-vegan flavors, they have GelaTRIO Bundle consisting of Cappuccino, Hazelnut Stracciatella, and Salted Caramel with Nibs.

Click here to order.

Salted Caramel Pudding by a mano

Called budino in Italian, this luscious pudding should be among the go-to desserts of those with sweet tooth. The rich and creamy texture of the treat is amplified by the whipped cream and swirls of chocolate. Cookie crumbs pile on top of the pudding for a crisp finish.

Contact (+63) 917-5526266 to order or visit a mano’s Instagram page.

Sorbet by Farmacy Ice Cream

The people behind Wildflour brings a sweet venture called Farmacy. As the name suggests, the ice-cream brand has a creative packaging label reminiscent of medical prescriptions. Among the must-have treats are their Sorbet. The dairy-free alternatives come in flavors of local fruits like Guava, Melon, and Guyabano. If you want something with a little more kick, try Chocolate Orange and Rum and Raisin.

Click here to order via the Wildflour app.

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Trio Tart by LUSSO

Cap off the indulgent entrees of chef Margarita Forés with her Trio Tart. Filled with hazelnut, pecan, walnuts, and finished off with a scoop of gelato, this sweet nibble complements the savory profiles of LUSSO’s dishes like its signatures Osso buco and Chilled Royal Angel Hair Salmon Roe and Lumpfish Caviar.

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Halo-halo by Locavore Kitchen and Drinks

Known for championing Filipino cuisine, Locavore’s menu wouldn’t be complete without the well-loved local dessert, Halo-halo. Topped with wafer sticks and a scoop of your choice of ice-cream flavor, Halo-halo remains a classic frozen treat to have this summer.

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Kahlua Tiramisu Cake by Fraiche Patisserie

While the bakery can deliver a wide variety of cakes from sponge to mousse to chiffon, it’s their new tiramisu flavor you should try. Authentic Kahlua coffee syrup drenches Ladyfingers and then fused with mascarpone cheese and soft sabayon. For a slight contrast in taste, cocoa powder is sprinkled all over the cake.

Click here to order via the Instagram page.

Tsujiri Sundae by Tsujiri

If you are craving matcha, the 155-year-old matcha brand from Uji Kyoto is your go-to destination. Using quality Gyokouro tea leaves, Tsujiri boasts of a fine selection of treats like its sundaes. Their bestseller consists of a layer of Genmai or unpolished brown rice, Azuki beans, chestnut, and Shiratama (a type of mochi). Sakura wafers and the brand’s signature matcha soft serve top off the dessert.

Click here to order via the Instagram page.

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